Our existance is delicate. I know this

Our existance is delicate. I know this isn't a confession, per se,but what are your opinions on death? What do you think happens,etc.? I think maybe life is just passing,I don't understand the point.

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  • I believe that most people on this site are doomed!

  • I believe in reincarnation. I think our souls are recycled. Sometimes I dream really weird things, and it feels like it could be from a past life.

  • I wish you could spell existence correctly. I also wish the above commenter could spell at all.

  • who ever said kill urself dont listen 2 dem im christian but im not sure wat i belive but wut i do knoe killing urself wont help but i think we will prolly enter another form of life? im not sure

  • kill yourself and find out?

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