In 6 months, I've gone from a gainfully

In 6 months, I've gone from a gainfully employed, charming, successful young entrepreneur to a jobless, moneyless, depressed drug addict... and nobody knows.

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  • Wow, you should go into rehab! Rehab is the new black!

  • Benzos, jerkoffs... Benzos. Meth? Do you think i'd really have the patience to type war and peace if I was a g****** meth head? Yeah, opiates every now and then, but benzos. And always pharms.

  • he likes Opiates, i know his type

  • Good luck.

  • OP here... Thank you all for your concerned words - I feel better knowing there's still goodness in the world, somewhere - it's odd how you can find it.

    Thanks to you all, I'm in the middle of an outpatient detox, and as soon as I'm done here, I'm skipping town and starting allll over again somewhere new. Peace and love be with you all.

  • Now that you are able to admit this is a problem, you are free and clear to get help. Believe me, in the long run, the benefits of being clean, sober, honest, reliable, wealthy, and ultimately truly happy will outweigh those of a quick fix. Before seeking help (professionally) I suggest you find someone or something to motivate you that you ABSOLUTELY will not be willing to let down. That way once you get serious about straightening up, there will be no turning back. Goodluck.

  • Pretty soon, you'll even lose your ability to "fake it." Stop wasting your time pretending and instead use what little sense you have left to get help.

  • What drugs have you been doing?

  • Nope, not meth. There's still SOME hope left in me...

  • You sound like a meth head...You've made a deal with the devil if you are. Get to an abuse program NOW. the longer you dont the more of your life you lose. Nothing else but getting clean should matter

  • that's sad


  • get help.

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