Older guys and girls

So this confession is a little weird.. i Would love to have s** with older guys or girls. like anywhere from 25-45. i would love to have a sugar daddy or just date a older guy period. it just something about older men that just gets me going. i was a babysitter a while back and almost everyday i daydreamed about f****** my employer. he was so hot , but i dont understand. i mean im not jailbait im actually legal, but no ones taking the bait... i guess ill just go back to daydreaming and masterbating

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  • The word "I" is capitalized and you misspelled the word "Masturbating". Another 10 year troll boy.

  • I am the older man in the situation with my babysitter but I need a clear sign that she is interested. No older man wants to be branded or labeled a 'dirty old man' or worse. Like the post above wrote, Brush up against him or touch him in some way that is obvious. Tickling or a massage under the pretext he looks 'tired' is a sure fire green light. But if I were to do it, it would be sleezy. If my babysitter would do either one to me I would be banging her in no time flat.
    Don't underestimate the power of touch.
    Good luck.

  • When you're alone with a guy, 'accidentally' brush up against him. If you can set yourself up so you can thrust yourself against his c*** even better. Then you'll know if he's hard and ready to go. If he seems unsure, then move fast and be more aggressive.

  • Try not wearing any underwear. Sit on the couch with your legs spread and your p**** glistening. I guarantee you that will get the old boys attention! If not, the family dog probably will lick your t*** for you

  • well they may just be freaking married and not want to cheat, they may just not thinkof you as attractive, they may also realize hey wait i don't live in a p**** and this activity would be frowned upon by well everyone, or maybe their scared but i don't know anything i'm just a guy who's 19 not 25-45 (hint it's the third one)

  • where are you located at?

  • Most older men may be shy because of your age. They don't want to be branded a dirt old man. But if you come on to them and let them know you actually want to f*** the, I can pretty much guarantee that every one of them will take you up on it! ;)

  • You can f*** me

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