i hate a*** s**. i don't understand

i hate a*** s**. i don't understand what the big fuss is about. That is for s*******, and that's it. It's not sexy at all. if my boyfriend wanted to do a***, i would tell him ot go f*** a man in the ass, cuz he aint getting it from me

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  • Amen, sister!


  • look here 4th commenter,your so boxed in!
    S** is supposed to be fun and pleasurable for the party and when you try new things,you might like it! Giving head is not exactly bad! Those who like a*** s**-go for it! But when it comes to the v*****,I dont believe in procreation. I just WONT have a baby. I just love the feeling.And someone who thinks s** should just be for procreation obviously isnt getting their boat rocked hard enough!!!!! OH YEA BABY! S** IS GREEEAAATTTT!!!! LOL

  • I love a*** s**. My boyfriend and I do it whenever either of us gets the urge. It's different.

  • 4th poster here... The first paragraph was meant sarcastically to demonstrate the point the poster made to an extreme.

  • You would think guys would want it to be done to them more often, if it didn't have a stigma attatched to it. The stimulation of the prostrate gland is more intense than a guy would think.

  • If that is how you feel about it, that's just fine. No one should force you to do anything or behave in any way against your will.

    However, I'm a woman, and I love a***. I wouldn't do it everyday, but now and then it's definitely nice. My husband and I are very clean and careful about it, because we know the health risks, and it's absolutely amazing once you get used to the difference in feeling. It's very intense. I think the entire human body is meant to be explored and enjoyed in a loving and committed relationship - the levels of intimacy and eroticism you can reach together will blow your mind. But that's just my opinion. :)

  • Ok did i just read the 4th comment right. It's ok to have a*** s** if it floats your boat but Kissing, Blowing into someone's ear, or giving head if wrong. WTF.

    First of all s** was made to be pleasureable. It's not a dirty thing. It's a wonderful thing. We mess it up by doing it with any and everyone. That's what makes it nasty.


  • It is deviant and perverted. The lips are for speaking, eating and drinking, not kissing! The ears are for hearing and holding up our glasses, not blowing into. The b****** are strictly for breastfeeding infants. And the genitals are clearly only for urinating and s**--but I mean s** only for procreation!

    Just another point of view. I have never had or performed a*** s**. Aside from the definite increased health risk, I really can't say that it's bad when it just might float someone's boat.

  • damn straight girl!

  • well said :)

  • Amen, sister!

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