I am having an affair. I love my

I am having an affair. I love my husband and he loves his wife but we can't resist the electricity between us. I do not love him and he doesn't love me. All 4 of us are friends. I ache for him.

I do NOT feel guilty though I know I should.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • your marriage vows are meaningless the contract is void and you are just a s***.

  • You're both pathetic and selfish. Have the guts to end your relationships first instead of lying and cheating to get what you want. Say what you want, but you don't love your husband if you're doing this to him.

  • No guilt, just f*** like there is no tomorrow

  • you both need lawyers! good luck with that giant can of spaghetti!

  • Cheap, two-bit tramp.

  • you SHOULD feel guilty. Love is a package. It goes hand and hand with respect, and I doubt you resepct your husband (or yourself for that matter) to be cheating on him. And you dont respect your friend or his wife.

    And even if you don't love each other, if you get caught, it will ruin two families. Is that worth great s**?

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