I hate frigid women who won't put out on the first date

There's nothing worse than taking a woman out, spending hard earned money on her, and having her say no to a hot night of s** on the first date. What the f***? Why beat around the bush when we both want to get it on. Why play stupid f****** games and make a guy wait a few dates later. You are going to get f***** anyway, why waste time and pleasure.

Real women get down to business on the first date. No pussyfooting around, no bullshit waiting games to get nekid and f*** each other until the cows come home.

Frigid women play the prude card thinking somehow they have to act like f****** virgins that they are not. I hate that s***. When I take out one of those ice queens and she won't put out at the end of the night, it's f*** you and goodbye, Why do women have to be such dipshits?

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  • I would figure that you were intelligent enough to use your(as you put it)"hard earned money" wisely in order to get exactly what you want, by investing in a prostitute or a silicone love doll, those alternatives seem more your speed or maybe you need to check out the S**** AND S*** DEPARTMENT you may be aiming a little to high for your class because real woman don't "get down to business on the first date" sorry but you've be misinformed and I feel for you man, daddy lied to you!

  • Well maybe she doesn't just want to get laid. Some girls actually look for something more, and don't like to put out until they have it. They wait because they're not sure if you're the type of guy they want to sleep with right away. Personally, I don't sleep with guys on the first date because I prefer to sleep with someone I'm completely comfortable with and not someone I just met. I wouldn't call that prudish, or a game, it's just my preference. But I also won't make you pay for my dinner, either, if you don't want to. I've always thought making the guy pay was silly, especially if the interest is mutual.

  • Yay! Finally a guy who appreciates women like me! Why waste time when we both want it. I love to do it on the first date to see if we are sexually compatible and because s** feels soooo good. Unlike the prudish women who are squeamish about s**, I loooooooove it! And I'm not afraid to show it!

  • I'm with you. I hate prissy barbies like the one who commented that you should 'be on the s** offenders' registry.' Puhleeze!

    You should be given the humanitarian award of the year for magnanimously sharing your body with hot women smart enough to know first date s** with you is like a blessing from above. Besides, the ones who don't put out on the first date probably suck at s** anyways.

  • You give your gender a bad name, you dog!

  • you should never put out on the first date,you will lose the Girl alot faster.get real man,she is only tease-ing you.she is not the woman for You.

  • I don't think dating is all about that to everyone. Sometimes it's just getting to KNOW the person. If you wanted to just bang her, would a date really be necessary?

    You are so cheap and disgusting. You should be on the s** offenders' registry.

  • I hear that. I don't like the prudes either. I'll take a wild one.

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