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I am a girl and my best friend is a guy. He has recently fallen head over heels for my worst enemy, and when he falls for someone he falls hard. All he ever does when we hang out is talk about how nice, funny, and hot she is, even though she has done nothing but hurt him. He's tried asking her out and got rejected, but he still really likes her. The other problem is I like him as well. I do have a boyfriend, but all he does is flirt with his ex-girlfriend and ignore me. I want to tell my best friend how I feel about that girl and him. She has made my life miserable, but both my boyfirend and best friend are oblivious to this. Any advice?


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  • Well firstly get rid of your tool of a boyfriend! Everyone deserves better than that! Also does your mate even know how this girl treated you? You should start off by telling him that :) plus don't tell him how you feel until he has gotten over his crush for this girl. I'm sure there will plenty of opportunity for you to tell him when the moment is right :) Best of luck! x

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