My friend showed me photos of his wife naked

Whoa! The other night my friend showed my photos of his wife naked. I never guessed she would look that hot naked. I was at his house and he showed me the photos right before his wife came home. It was so hot seeing her after I had just seen her totally naked in the photos. I looked at her in clothes knowing what she was hiding. Hmmm. It was so hot. Best of all, she has no idea my friend showed me the photos. It's a secret.

Now my friend wants me to show him photos of my wife naked. That's only fair, and gradually I'm getting my wife to pose with less on for me. I got her down to her bra and panties last week and showed my friend the photos. He of course wants more and I don't blame him.

Tonight I'm going to get my wife drunk and I know when she is drunk she will do anything. I'll have some hot photos to show my friend. I can't wait and I won't tall my wife because she would get mad enough to leave me if she knew I was going to show photos of her naked to my friend who says my wife has a hot body he wants to see more of. This is so exciting and the wives not knowing we are showing off their naked bodies makes it even more fun.

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  • I have photos of my wife naked. We had a party and before long we were drunk. My friend watched my wife move around and said she looked great. I got some pictures of her t*** and showed him. He said they looked great. She walked in at that time and said lets show them and she removed her top.

  • Some women like it but thay want the pitchers to stay home. You might get your ass in trouble if she decides to hold the over your head

  • Wife has large but saggy t***, hang pretty good. Love to play rough with them as most guys would. Gots lots of pics to share of her and those funbags being abused if interested.

  • I had a friend that would show me pictures of his wife he had on his computer when I visited him and wanted my opinion of her body. We talked about him trying to arrange it so I could see the real thing but he died in a car wreck a few years ago and she remarried and moved away. I sure do miss seeing her.

    Would love to give my opinion on your wife.

  • Every once in awhile I manage to take pics of my wife nude and have shown to a few friends.

  • Trade widfe pics shes 35, 5'0" 34c sexy email at

  • After a fun night out I asked my wife if she would let me take some pictures of her, Like what kind of pictures? With your top open enough to see your chest. I expected her to say no. But she said ok. She was on the couch, and opened her top just a little, Not what I was hoping for. I said could you please open it enough to see your chest? I expected one or two buttons, but she unbuttoned the top and pulled it open, now I could see far more than I was thinking she would let me see. I took some picture's and I asked her if she would put on her silk robe, and have it open or off her shoulder. She did. Then I asked if she would lay on the bed, with the robe open? At the point it was a full nude picture, She said, just keep my face out of the picture. I told her her face in the picture make's it a much better picture, Ok.
    Not long after, a guy at the gas station I go to see all of them over time. And by then really wanted to see her in person. At some point my wife asked me if I have ever shown any of her picture's to anyone? I told her how it happened. She was surprised, but not mad at all.
    I told her it was a gas station that was on my way to work and not one that she would likely go to. A month or so later, after a fun night out, on our way home, she knew we were in the area of the gas station. She was wearing a very revealing top and a bit drunk. She asked if I needed gas, I said no. Then she said would it be better to top off tonight instead of the morning? I looked at her, and as I did she looked down at her chest as to say they are easy to see if you want someone to see.
    I was very surprised, but happy to go get gas. As we got there she asked how she looked? Maybe open it a little more. She did. My friend was very happy to be at work that day, he and my wife spoke for about ten minutes, all the while her chest was exposed.

  • is accepting real wife nudes and we will provide critique if requested.

  • I have let a few friends see pics of my wife naked close ups of her p****. Just sent some a few minutes ago to a friend I am sure would sleep with my wife. Enjoy more when friend is over she lets them see her p****. Wanted one friend Rob to take her wet p****, knowing she would have admitting to liking him and his c***.

  • I spent most of my life over seas on a destroyer in the US NAVY. I miss the good old days when you could do anything, but today the kids are to afread to try anything. One time I had 3 young girls at once. One was under the table giveing me a BJ, and one was on the table I was eating her. The 3rd one was holding my beer. By the way this was at noon in the middle of a bar full of my buddys. Women that live here are to afread to try anything like that. I love to eat p****, and I would love to find any women that would like to try getting are in public, to add excitment to s**. Guys here have to be behind closed doors and in a bed. I like to eat a women on the tail gate of my truck, in the middle of a parking lot. Any takers. My gmail is That was the name of the ship I was on then, and now my gmail address. Ok people anyone like to see if you have nerve

  • Have fun with It, my wife loves for me to share her pics.

  • Let me show your wife how to really have fun

  • No problem. all my friends collega,s and brother see my wife naked

  • I worked nights in a saloon. The barmaid was built great, and was very pretty. She had nude photos of herself, with nipple clips and a connecting chain, and showing her spreading her p****. She would show them to the people sitting at the bar. She got great tips!

  • I love looking at other men's wife's pics and talk to them about her...and j******* together if possible...I have done this with 4 different men so far and loved it!!! If you are interested in sharing your wife or girl friend's pics then you can reach me at

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  • I love to show my wife pictures to other guys and listen to their naughty and dirty ideas about her. I like to m********* while doing this (like now). but just after c** I have a bad feeling. like cheating...

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  • It is fun.

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  • I love showing a few clothed shots of my wife first and then naked photos of her as well and getting feedback as I show and here that there stroke to her photos.

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  • I totally get off on thinking about other guys j********** to pics of my wife. She's super hot, and knows it.

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  • I showed nude pictures of my wife to one of my friends, and I don't know who got more sexually stimulated, him or me?

  • That is so hot! I've done that too!

  • Same here, it is really exciting when you see someone is excited about your wife.

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  • I have a number of photos and love sharing with others. Connie like showing off Once they see her pictures they want to see the real thing. We sit around drinking ad Connie end up taking her clothes off. I proud of what we do

  • My wife likes showing off also in public

    Sent me pics of her please

  • I enjoy it. she knows and I love it

  • All husbands should have and show naked photos of their wife. I have photos of Connie and show the off. O am proud of her t*** and body. Men take photos of wife and hen let friends see her naked.

  • Agree

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  • My niece by marriage has been sending me picture for over 3 years now. We talk almost every day on the phone and one day, she mentioned her husband was irritated that she had some 'fashion-shots' taken. His reply to them was "how much did those cost me?" He works remote and is away from home 2 weeks at a time. She thought it would be an erotic 'gift' to him. He hurt her feelings. I was only being supportive when I said they had to of been great. Two days later she e-mailed me one of the photos. It was a view from behind. Her feet shoulder width apart. She was standing in a door way with the sun in front of her. Her hands up over her head, holding onto the door frame. The sun silhouetted her body amazingly. She wore her pair of Harley riding chaps and a thong. I wasn't even sure it was her in the photo except for some very identifiable features. I sent her a very personal critique of the photo, not missing even one detail. I didn't hear from her for 3 days. She didn't return texts, e-mails or my phone call. Three days later, she sent me a second photo with a short note "tell me your thoughts"....and it started from there. Now I find a rush showing other guys, strangers her pictures and sharing stories or information about her. I know it is wrong, but OMG, it is such a rush knowing they are seeing something few others have ever seen. She has no clue. Your story reminds me.....

  • Send em this way. I'll trade some of my wife

  • Nice! I love showing pics of my wife with others. She works in a church and is very "innocent," but she likes me taking photos of her. She'd freak if she found out I showed them to other guys though. So hot watching other guys w*** to her pics. I've also let guys go through her panty drawer and borrow her dirty panties. She doesn't know that so many of our friends know her personal secrets. if anyone is interested!!!

    Love to trade

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  • Ummm, would love to lick them

  • I love watching my pics & video's of my friend's wife...she is sooo hot...we j******* during boys night watching her pics/videos...

  • I did the same thing and now I totally regret it. I completely agree that at the time there is a certain "high" about it, but once you have done it and there is nothing more to show, you will definitely feel like an ass. Here is my story:

    When I first started dating my wife, all of my friends were hot for her. They used to tell me that I should not let her get away because she was so beautiful. When we first got married, we made about 3 hours of hot sexy videos together. Most of them were her doing stripteases for me, others were of us having s**. I decided to make a really hot compilation video of just her stripping down to nothing. The earlier part of the video was her stripping down and cutting just before she was nude...but over the course of the one hour video all of her is finally shown (even a complete crotch shot). A real tease of a video if you can imagine. Many years later, I had my best friend over when my wife was out of town and asked him if he was interested in seeing my wife nude. Of course he agreed and we brought out the beers. I put on the video and let it play all the way to the end. It was so exciting knowing my friend was getting excited over seeing my wife fully nude when she was in her prime - about 28 years old at the time. After he saw her nude, there was no more excitement to be had. The only way I could feel this way again was to show the video to another friend. In total I showed 3 of my closest friends. It is still a turn on when all of us get together, knowing that everyone in the group has seen my wife naked...and her not knowing.

    I don't completely understand why this was so exciting because I now completely regret it. I have since destroyed the videos so I no longer have the temptation.

  • I did something similar only I streamed my wife's striptease video on Periscope. I had over 5000 viewers all watching my wife get totally nude. It was a turn on to know so many people that I didn't know and never will likely meet saw my wife absolutely naked.

  • I did the same with my friends and they masterbated to her pics. They got so hot seeing her completely spread.It made me feel so good and horns I also masterbated with them.When she wasn't home they would come over and ask me if they could see her again. It turned me on to see them coming looking at my naked wife's p****&t***&ass

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  • That's hot. I've shown my tons of ex wife p*** to one trusted friend that I know she hates and is discusted by, and it so gets me off knowing he's jacked of to every sacred inch of her naked body. Love when he texts me back his feedback after sending him exclusive jerkoff material!

  • If you are anywhere around the San Francisco Bay Area then would love to get to know you and become friends (hoping some day I get invited for such a great time). Mail me at

  • My friends and I love showing our wives off. It all started with showing pictures. No our wives go around naked at our parties. When they found out that a group of us showed photos them they got together and started being nude. Our group is made up of couples and singles. Our wives enjoy this. Our single friends share our wives and we enjoy having wives having them. We let any thing at any time. My wife have shared herself with most all.

  • I love showing my wives pictures to all my friends. Once they see them they want to see her naked. My wife like her body seen by all. We invite my friends and their friends over and let them see her for all. Con. has nice t*** and great ass. Our friends like to feel and have her body. After that they bring pictures of their wives over and let them at the house for all our friends to share.

  • I can't see the problem. So he wants to jump your wife and you want to jump his! Enjoy the photoes and then try video. That realy is fun.

  • Jeez you two sound like two little boys trading baseball cards or something, anyway I was thinking the same as two other comments The dude just might want to see your wife naked cause he's intrested in her, than again he might be trying to set you up to get your ass in the dog house with your wife,either way be cautious possible outcomes..

  • Your FRIEND wants to f*** your wife.

  • I agree that you might be getting set up. DO NOT do this.

  • I agree that you ARE getting set up. DO this... Do your DARN-EST to make this happen!

  • Dude . Ur friend is just doin to coz he has a crush on ur wife. He lusts ur wife's body. But its not the same from ur end . He invited u to watch his wife's pikchas. So that u would show urs to him. He just made u an idiot . And one more thing . When it comes to survival and p**** .. U don't trust nyone . ;) .

  • Naughty naughty devils.

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  • My wife is very sexy and young... I would love to trade for the same. Thus far i have not found the same.

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