My friend showed me photos of his wife naked

Whoa! The other night my friend showed my photos of his wife naked. I never guessed she would look that hot naked. I was at his house and he showed me the photos right before his wife came home. It was so hot seeing her after I had just seen her totally naked in the photos. I looked at her in clothes knowing what she was hiding. Hmmm. It was so hot. Best of all, she has no idea my friend showed me the photos. It's a secret.

Now my friend wants me to show him photos of my wife naked. That's only fair, and gradually I'm getting my wife to pose with less on for me. I got her down to her bra and panties last week and showed my friend the photos. He of course wants more and I don't blame him.

Tonight I'm going to get my wife drunk and I know when she is drunk she will do anything. I'll have some hot photos to show my friend. I can't wait and I won't tall my wife because she would get mad enough to leave me if she knew I was going to show photos of her naked to my friend who says my wife has a hot body he wants to see more of. This is so exciting and the wives not knowing we are showing off their naked bodies makes it even more fun.

Jun 22, 2012

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  • I share my wife’s pics.

  • My wife and are at our second marriage and love having fun. She let me take photos of her in the nude. After work one night a friend and I had stopped for a drink. I told him about the photos of Connie and soon had a few showing them to him. A few weeks later we all were out for drinks and at the end of the night my friend went home with us. Once in the house I told Connie that I showed him her photos and she looked at him and said what do you think. He said ok. Then she got naked and said just ok. I went to to the bathroom went returning she was sucking his d***. I have a wonderful wife.

  • Would luv to trade some pics

  • They know.

  • I love to show off my sexy naked wife

  • Not a good address

  • To be honest, I'm secretly proud that every guy I've seriously dated has those kinds of pictures of me. One of the reasons I let guys photograph me is because I'm thinking of all the guys he showing them off to and it turns me on. Only a few idiots have admitted to it and I showed obvious anger. I'm not actually angry they showed me off. I'm actually angry that they admitted it to me. I way prefer the assumption that I didn't know they were showing my pics to others

  • I love to show off my wife in hot videos and pics & have guys video c** tribute tell us what they would do to her (or us). Due to so many fakes we ask you send 1st no exceptions. Looking for an on going thing...cuckolds welcome. Please tell us what you are into.

  • Love to see pictures of your wife and chat with you about her.

  • Showed a mate my missus pictures loved his reaction defo turn on

  • Would love to be mates with you!!

  • Hey can you show me some pictures of your wife and chat with you about her. Like to find friends like you in N.E. Ohio

  • I will show u some of my sexy wife if u want and chat about her

  • Hi mate, l have some pictures I would like another guy opinion on.

  • I've done this, most of my closest friends who know my wife very well have seen her most explicit pictures, she doesn't know a thing and they are all very discreet

  • I would love to see her photos. Please email me

  • I will trade photos- very hot wife

  • I get so h**** when my 2 buddies are over who I have shown naked pictures of my wife to. I see the way they look at her and she has no clue. I'm trying to figure out a way to let them see her naked in person.

  • Would love to chat with you about it. If interested then you can reach me at

  • I get the same rush with my wife and friends

  • Would love to be friends!!!

  • Would love to be friends!!!

  • I would love to see your wife’s pics and maybe do a tribute and send you results back. My email.

  • I have full nude photos of my wife. A friend and I were drinking at a bar one night. A few men were drinking with us and after a few drink we talked about our wives. I got photos of nude of my wife and out show them off. The next week my wife was with us and the same men were there and as the night ended she ended up showing the real thing.

  • Like to hear more hot stories of your wife and see some pictures of her. Like to find some friends like you folks in N.E. Ohio

  • I've only showed naked pictures of my wife to two guys. One (happily married) I used to work with whom still works with my wife for the same company and a guy I work with now. By mistake my wife read an email to me from the guy she works with and wasn't to happy knowing he had seen her naked which was obvious from his words. It changed for the better when I let her read a few more comments he made (such as how beautiful her b****** and ass were) and she admitted she was flattered. I'm still excited everyday now knowing and wondering if anything "else" goes on. It may sound strange but I hope it does.

  • I would love to talk to you about this!!

  • I am in almost the same scenario

  • I would love to talk to you about your scenario!!

  • Do you think about him touching her

  • I would love to see her pictures

  • I'd love to see her pictures too

  • I have photos of my wife naked. We had a party and before long we were drunk. My friend watched my wife move around and said she looked great. I got some pictures of her t*** and showed him. He said they looked great. She walked in at that time and said lets show them and she removed her top.

  • Love to see some pictures of her.

  • I would like to see her.

  • I will show you pics if you want

  • I would like to see them also

  • Some women like it but thay want the pitchers to stay home. You might get your ass in trouble if she decides to hold the over your head

  • Wife has large but saggy t***, hang pretty good. Love to play rough with them as most guys would. Gots lots of pics to share of her and those funbags being abused if interested.

  • Like to see some pictures of your wife and chat with you about her.

  • I'd love to see her

  • Please send pic

  • I had a friend that would show me pictures of his wife he had on his computer when I visited him and wanted my opinion of her body. We talked about him trying to arrange it so I could see the real thing but he died in a car wreck a few years ago and she remarried and moved away. I sure do miss seeing her.

    Would love to give my opinion on your wife.

  • Every once in awhile I manage to take pics of my wife nude and have shown to a few friends.

  • May I please see photos of your wife

  • I will send photos

  • Please send me pictures

  • I will

  • Trade widfe pics shes 35, 5'0" 34c sexy email at

  • Sure

  • After a fun night out I asked my wife if she would let me take some pictures of her, Like what kind of pictures? With your top open enough to see your chest. I expected her to say no. But she said ok. She was on the couch, and opened her top just a little, Not what I was hoping for. I said could you please open it enough to see your chest? I expected one or two buttons, but she unbuttoned the top and pulled it open, now I could see far more than I was thinking she would let me see. I took some picture's and I asked her if she would put on her silk robe, and have it open or off her shoulder. She did. Then I asked if she would lay on the bed, with the robe open? At the point it was a full nude picture, She said, just keep my face out of the picture. I told her her face in the picture make's it a much better picture, Ok.
    Not long after, a guy at the gas station I go to see all of them over time. And by then really wanted to see her in person. At some point my wife asked me if I have ever shown any of her picture's to anyone? I told her how it happened. She was surprised, but not mad at all.
    I told her it was a gas station that was on my way to work and not one that she would likely go to. A month or so later, after a fun night out, on our way home, she knew we were in the area of the gas station. She was wearing a very revealing top and a bit drunk. She asked if I needed gas, I said no. Then she said would it be better to top off tonight instead of the morning? I looked at her, and as I did she looked down at her chest as to say they are easy to see if you want someone to see.
    I was very surprised, but happy to go get gas. As we got there she asked how she looked? Maybe open it a little more. She did. My friend was very happy to be at work that day, he and my wife spoke for about ten minutes, all the while her chest was exposed.

  • Arrange her a f*** with your friend. I'm sure, she will shock you with her performance in the bed! Such a F****** B**** you have as wife!

  • is accepting real wife nudes and we will provide critique if requested.

  • I have let a few friends see pics of my wife naked close ups of her p****. Just sent some a few minutes ago to a friend I am sure would sleep with my wife. Enjoy more when friend is over she lets them see her p****. Wanted one friend Rob to take her wet p****, knowing she would have admitting to liking him and his c***.

  • I spent most of my life over seas on a destroyer in the US NAVY. I miss the good old days when you could do anything, but today the kids are to afread to try anything. One time I had 3 young girls at once. One was under the table giveing me a BJ, and one was on the table I was eating her. The 3rd one was holding my beer. By the way this was at noon in the middle of a bar full of my buddys. Women that live here are to afread to try anything like that. I love to eat p****, and I would love to find any women that would like to try getting are in public, to add excitment to s**. Guys here have to be behind closed doors and in a bed. I like to eat a women on the tail gate of my truck, in the middle of a parking lot. Any takers. My gmail is That was the name of the ship I was on then, and now my gmail address. Ok people anyone like to see if you have nerve

  • Have fun with It, my wife loves for me to share her pics.

  • I would love to see her sexy photos. Please email me

  • Let me show your wife how to really have fun

  • No problem. all my friends collega,s and brother see my wife naked

  • I worked nights in a saloon. The barmaid was built great, and was very pretty. She had nude photos of herself, with nipple clips and a connecting chain, and showing her spreading her p****. She would show them to the people sitting at the bar. She got great tips!

  • I love to show my wife pictures to other guys and listen to their naughty and dirty ideas about her. I like to m********* while doing this (like now). but just after c** I have a bad feeling. like cheating...

  • Hey you have a friend here you can show pictures of your wife with and share some hot stories of her with. I am very discreet guy. Have you ever think of sharing her with other men?. I think about sharing my N.E. Ohio wife with others.

  • Do you like her being seen

  • I like my wife's topless pictures to be seen. YES

  • Well Ray Show me some pictures of your wife.

  • Hi, I will be happy to get them and comment to you. Send them 😁

  • Your email doesn't work. If you want pics email me

  • Hi I would sure like to have a talk with you I like to show my enough to

  • I would like very much to trade wife pics and chat about them!

  • Send some we can trade

  • I will trade pics

  • Send me some pics.

  • Email me at

  • What kind of pics do u want to see? I have all,

  • Trade?

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