I feel lost in life. i have no idea

I feel lost in life. i have no idea what i want to do. i have a no motivations or interests. im sick and tired of going through pointless hours of classes and not having any positive results from them. i want what a lot of people probably want, which is to do nothing, just sit around...hang out...play golf...booze and live...but obviously that is not a reality that is feasible. i just wish i had some direction and reason to have some excitement in my life. anyone felt the same way?...or maybe just some ideas?

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  • I agree. I would much rather sit around and do nothing all day. . .

  • Life is a journey. You can make it negative or positive. Every failure in your life is actally i lesson in life. e.g when you burn yourself by touching the stove...do you go back again?? that is what life is. enjoy it to the full. what you are going through will pass. we all have to go through it...it's how you deal with it.....I know i was there. Go on the net for inspiration and follow in the footsteps of great leaders....all the best

  • I find working for a living very satisfying.
    I think meeting and marrying your soulmate is a privilege everyone should be able to experience, although that's not to say it won't require compromise to make it last.
    I think that having some hardships and commitments/obligations makes you appreciate the free time you do have, time to do things such as just laze around, hang out with your friends, that much more.
    Life with no purpose, no direction, is pointless.
    Lazy-ass, do you get it yet?

  • I wish... that life didnt consist of:
    Go to school.
    Get a job.
    Get married.
    Have kids.

    That's what life is?

    You live to go to work and pay for things all your life then die?

    Isnt there a life where you dont have to do those things?

    You can just... live?

    I just want to live.

    That's all I want.

    I dont even want to sit around doing nothing all the time, or being a lazy nobody.

    I just want to be able to say... I can do anything whenever I want... cause, this is my life. It's MY life. I only get this ONE life... and I can do whatever I want with it whenever I want.

    I just want to live.

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