I really need to know how to get my ex

I really need to know how to get my ex back after cheating on him. It was an honest mistake and I know it will never happen again but how do I get him to know that let alone get him to talk to me again?

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  • Oh dear...well to keep you all updated I'm still in the process of trying to re-earn his trust back and I think it may be working after I sat him down for a super long chat and stole a Grey Street sign for him (he's obsessed with the Dave Matthews Band...anyone who is also a fan would understand so I won't get into detail about that ::P) ya...basically I'm doing everything I can to make up for it, even though it's typically an unfixable situation. But I think he knows as well as I do how sorry I am and how I'll never do it again, but still he can't see past the fact that I did it in the first place so I really don't know if that's just something that time will heal or if it's just a bad idea to get back together. I'd really appreciate any further advice from anyone. Thanks

  • The identical twin brother concept was the first thing I thought of too. Anything other than that, and it wasn't the kind of mistake you can fix. Luckily, your mistake was thinking you could cheat and be ok with it. Apparantly you can't. Don't compound your problem by trying to get him back. Even if you got him back at this point, he would make sure that you pay for that MISTAKE for the rest of your life. You would learn quickly to hate yourself and him - and if you're the type that's weak enough to cheat the first time, it will lead you to cheat again. Women often cheat because their men already think they are. If you're going to serve the punishment regardless, why not do the crime, after all. It's a sad case all the way around. Learn from it. Get over it. And do yourself a favour and don't tell the next guy you date that you cheated or he won't trust you either.

  • lol no well i was really drunk but i guess that's not a good excuse but i'm in my grad year and i want to have the most fun possible before i graduate and i guess i felt like my ex was tying me down but now that i'm single i realise that i don't even like randomly hooking up at parties and that my friends' ideas of taking advantage of our youth aren't the same as mine...that's what i meant by mistake-i was confused at the time. I probably should have been more specific about how old i am and stuff the first time i posted this but i didn't know if age and details were a factor or not for this issue...

  • How can cheating be an honest mistake? Did you diddle his identical twin brother?

  • Thanks a lot guys i appreciate it...even the harsh ones like #4 there...i guess it does make sense that i should just make sure not to do it the next time but with a different partner since this one would probably be "tainted" as one person said...however to anyone who believes that "once a cheater, always a cheater" thing i disagree...cheaters aren't a certain breed of people, they can all be different like 'regular' people in terms of whether or not they'll do it again and how sorry they feel about cheating...anyway thanks for your comments it really helped :)

  • I am commenter # 5.

    I guess I should have mentioned that while making that mistake once doesn't guarantee you will always cheat on your significant others, I do believe that once it gets into a relationship, it's like a poison, and the relationship has been tainted for good. Learn your lesson, but apply it with a new partner. This relationship has run its course, I'm afraid.

  • You don't deserve him back if you cheated on him.

  • Once a cheater, always a cheater.
    I know, I am one.

  • I don't think you can. He may forgive you, but he will never be able to forget. It will always be in the back of his mind and color everything between you.

    I am sorry for you for making this mistake, but moving on will be best.

  • Wow, the comments here just kept getting longer and longer.

  • While I think cheating is reprehensible, people do sometimes make mistakes and can learn from them rather than repeat them. I cheated once (not a fact I'm proud of) but it's not like once a cheater, always a cheater. I punished myself for it for a long time and I never did it again. It's not always a case of the person who was cheated on being the only one who suffers. I hated myself for what I did for a long, long time. Sometimes people deserve a second chance. Sometimes given the opportunity, they won't s**** up again.

  • First of all how was it an hones mistake. Did you trip over the guys shoe and all of a sudden fall on his d*** with your p**** and while you were trying to get up he and you both came. Please you knew what you were doing from the get go. You are just sad because you got caught. He's gone as well he should be and you need learn from this not to be a cheating h***.

  • he wont take you back. thats just the way it is, once a cheater always a cheater. i took a girl back that said she wouldnt do it again and guess what... she did

  • Mistakes are mistakes. We all make them, however he left you because of it and therefore it is probably over.
    Move forward and make all attempts not to make the same mistake twice in your next relationship.

  • you need to move on. once you cheat on someone, the playing field and rules change. learn from your mistake.

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