i am 14 years old. i am a

i am 14 years old.
i am a bisexual.
i am an athiest.
i want a completly flat butt.
i have no self asteem or confidence.
im going to be underweight.
i have crushes on men like 12 or more years older than me.
i only love about 3 people in my biological family.
i hate my life.
i hate myself.
my family talks about me behind my back.
i feel like noone loves me or cares.
i am called white(doesnt bother me) im really proper and stuff.
i am single.
i hate my body(exspecially my buttoks)
someone help me is it going to be like this foreve, any advice?.

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  • Hahaha I can totally relate to this

  • Teenagers are oh-so-dramatic! When you grow up, you will think you were a complete tard for feeling like this!

  • Call Dr. Phil!

  • i am a little 15 yr old girl who is bisexual. I have been with men who have been older then me (one was 30!). I have low self esteem & am very self concious about my body.You just have to learn to love yourself for who you are. Its a hard task & it takes time , but its worth it. Your just in a rut right now,i was in one too for years. It will pass.

  • That what happens when you don't believe in GOD!!!!!!

  • I don't believe in bisexuality. Don't be lazy/greedy.

  • Same as number 1 & 2. 14 (and even younger) were really tough years for me. I'm now 21 and I have a great boyfriend, reliable friends, a life that I enjoy, and I feel pretty much superior to the morons I used to wish I could fit in with.

    Chin up, girl.

    Oh, and also, men like curves. You don't want a boyish body. Another lesson you'll learn with age.

  • Yes I agree with the first poster. Being a teen is hard enough let alone adding anything more to it. Believe me when I say that things will even out in a number of years. When I was a teen I thought things where rough and hated myself too. This will all change and your life will become focused and you will as well.
    Hang in there.

  • Don't worry about it. I was almost completely like that at your age. I'm pretty much the same now (I'm 26) except my thing for older men and women pretty much evened out as I got older and neared the age bracket of people I was attracted to. I learned to love life, and accept my family. 14 is tough age, you'll grow into everything.

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