Im a married women and s** with the hubs is good his d*** is good i just would love it if he would pull my hair slap me throw me across the room and just f*** me like s** was going out of fashion f*** me so hard that i couldn't take it and make me call him daddy and say yes/no master and have to ask for permission to c** and if i dont i would get my cute bubble but spanked and f***** again and i wish he would f*** me in my ass long and hard so i would beg him for mercy so that he would half to tell me to stfu and slap my perfect tittes until my nipples got red as f***.

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  • it sucks when your spouse has no imagination....don't expect him to change

  • you need to learn how to tease and taunt him in a way that p***** him off while having s**.. and then make sure you tell him how much you like it when he is angry and f****** you. This is the dorr to training him to abuse you in the way that your h**** c*** self needs.


  • thanks for this post i needed some advice for my hubby i think this might work! he's not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer and is it so easy to get him to do things and make him think it was his idea! :)

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