13 and ??

Honestly I am 13 years old and I have taken 6 girls virginities from the ages of 13 to 16. I know it can be wrong for some of them.This summer
I did somthing I should never have done I f***** a girl at summer camp
In Yosemite. The worst part is ........... SHE GOES TO MY SCHOOL SO THOS IS GOING TO BE SOOOOOOOO AKWARD. she is 13 like me but still so
f***** up.

Jul 15, 2012

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  • LOL that doesn't make you a man you're still a boy....

  • You must be quite the ladies man at age 13 since you've hooked up with girls who are 16.

  • you're 13?! How stupid are these girls for having s** with you? Control yourself and wait until you're older. Having s** like that doesn't make you cool and mature, it makes you an idiot.
    20 year old woman.

  • The only error he made was bragging about it. You screwed 6+girls? yay for you. You talk about it afterwords? YOU ARE AN IDIOT!! The only game played well is the one where your cards are still hidden. As soon as you show off your royal flush, or your bluff, the ladies run away. Going forward, use protection, and keep your hand hidden. Play it right and you can win without ever showing your cards

  • Nice story, son.

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