Chocolate dreams

I a white married man, love woman always been straight, but recently have this urge to be a*** raped by the Black Panthers gang, the thought of dozens of balck c**** taking turns sliding up my ass, the thought of so much c** in my ass that i could fart and fill a garbage can with sinful, lustful, hot c** gets me so hard it hurts, does this make me gay or just curious??

Jul 20, 2012

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  • Wow, dude you GAY

  • Perversion covers the land......the King shall hear of this.

  • you faggots are all sick f****. this is disgusting.

  • I love everything you wrote, and I even imagined that they would rape both you and me together for hours, and then I would wrap my lips around your a***, lick and kiss you there for a little while, and then you would press real hard and squeeze all your creampie into my mouth and down my throat into my belly. I want that. And I want you.

  • god f****** damn that would be heaven to get drilled by that dark dark meat and then get filled by that hot sweet c**. i wanna be filled up.

  • I would open my ass to that kind of punishment in a heartbeat.

  • this is totally nasty but i totaly love it and i totaly wish those n***** would do it 2 me. my ass totaly throbs just even thinkng about them doing me that way. u r so right

  • Who are YOU calling "n****"?

  • Married and white here, too, and I beat off like mad just reading what you wrote. VERY hot. So, I guess you're not alone. I want it too.

  • im married and white too and i feel the same way. i masturabte like f****** CRAZY sometimes wanting so bad to get it up the ass like that from a bunch of black men with huge huge huge meat. ive never had a*** s** so i dont know why i want a*** rape so bad but i really do. i dont think i would have the nerve to go out looking for it or to find a group of blacks to do me but if it ever happened i would love it and i would so totaly keep going back for more. it probably wont ever happen for me but i hope it happens for you. good luck.

  • I don't know if it's normal or not, but you aren't the only white man who wants that kind of action or gets turned on by that kind of brutal abuse. I would love to feel what you describe.

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