My armpits are really itchy lately. I

My armpits are really itchy lately. I suspect it may be razor irritation or deodorant or something, so I've been putting aloe gel on them every night to make them feel better. But it's just p****** me off, do you know how awkward it looks to scratch your armpits in public? It's embarrassing so all I can do is sit there and wince at the discomfort.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Stop shaving! Women with hairy armpits are super hot! The thicker darker and bushier the better. Natural BO on girls is so sexy so stop using deodorant altogether! Just use mild soap and water on your pits and bits. wrote over 200,000 characters.

  • s***. people r just plain mean on here.
    u r NOT dirty.
    im guess its the deodorant ur using. buy one that specializes for sensitive skin. =]
    make sure not to scratch either. that'll make things worse.

  • dirty b****

  • Nickel allergy.

    Get tested.

  • No, the exact same thing happens to me. I have no idea what does it either, it p***** me off.

  • Maybe you have ingrown hair :O

  • The only thing I hate more than a hippie is a fake hippie, and if I were to stop shaving, I would be a fake hippie.

  • Go hippy and stop shaving them! That will help narrow it down to whether it's razor irritation or your deodorant...

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