Wife's friends

I have collected about 12 pairs of panties from two of her friends with a pair of worn ones from each which I must admit don't smell as good as my wife's worn ones but still turn me on big style. I would f*** any of them with no hesitation and I am really good friends with one in particular. Her name is Caroline and I think she knows I would f*** her and I think she would f*** me too but she wouldn't risk her friendship with my wife. I love
wearing her panties in the bath while wanking thinking of f****** her!! Even through I love my wife I really would f*** any off her friends in a second. I would even let the married ones husband f*** my wife while I f*** his!!! Is this normal to want to f*** them so badly and keep a collection of there panties???

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  • You sound like you are the start of a cereal rapist or something like that.

  • Lol cereal rapist. Like one that f**** boxes of cereal? Its serial ya dummy.

  • Just another mouth-breathing, knuckle dragging, repulsive, useless, a******!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • how did u manage to collect them?

  • When my wife's friend comes over a lot of times she is bra less, she will hug me hello, and goodbye and press her t*** into me, pure heaven!

  • its normal.. an i think its f****** hot i wish i was one of ur wifes friends i would soo let u f*** me.. an i would let u keep my panties as a reminder of the naughty thing we did... hmmm i might be the weird one... one question .. were do u hide the panties?

  • You sound like you would be a great f***!!!!! mmmmmmmm. I keep them in my works van! Xx

  • Trouble alert! Keeping other women's panties in your work van will get you caught. Even worse, she will not believe you that you didn't f*** anyone to get those panties. You should have a safer place to stash them. But to answer your questions at the end of your confession. Yes it's completely normal to want to and to have affairs especially with hot friends of your wife. It is NOT normal to steal the underwear of the women you are obsessing about. That part is a little creepy.

  • I have never heard of someone collecting the panties, but i do think it is normal to want to f*** other women, men do have their physical needs, but just think if it is worth loosing your wife.

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