Married women

I love f****** married women. I must have f***** more then a hundred women in my life and at least half of them were married. There is nothing like penetrating someone else' wife and, funny thing, they almost always let me f*** them without a condom. Some "faithful" wives refused to get their pants off, but..... sucked me off - women can have strange ideas abouth faithfulness. I love e********** into a married woman and leaving her with my sperm inside her hot v*****. I got caught a couple of times and occasionally I f***** women in front of their husbands. Right now I have two married girls who let me f*** them when their men are away.

Aug 17, 2012

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  • It's a nicely formulated fetish. Married women need an extra c*** and men need some no-strings-attached p****. I am married and do not have that many opportunities, but over the years I have f***** three married gals at work. Always c****** inside them

  • 42 years old married female, Married 15 years and I have cheated on my husband three times, Two one night stands and the third is a ongoing sexual relationship with a man such as yourself,
    He loves the fact that I an married and keeps talking pictures of me , adding captions to them about me being a
    “ Hotwife “ At first I didn’t mind and thought it was hot , now the only way he will have s** with me is if I let him take pictures and wants me to allow him to have s** on webcam so his friends can watch, I am so torn and scared
    But when alone, I want to allow him to show me to his friends

  • That sounds very exciting. Do you think he would indulge you and show you to his friends ? Lucky you ... lucky him ... and lucky friends ! 😈

  • I have also had many married women , however don't get filmed . it will bit you in the ass in the end.

  • I admit, I have a married woman fetish too. Nothing is sweeter than successfully seducing a happily married woman.

  • C****** in married women is the life. Don’t know what but f****** someone’s else wife gets me that high like a beast in heat.

  • Literally what I live for, c****** in married women hmu

  • My husband has a married woman fetish. When I found out I didn't believe that was a real fetish. I wasn't married so why was he dating me? He dared me to try a married man. As tempting as it was, I'm not that way. I did have a boyfriend already but I didn't think that counted. He wanted me to keep my boyfriend but reduce him to my side d*** so he could marry me. I did

  • I f***** a married jewish woman when I was in my late 20s. The husband knew because they had declared their marriage open, but of course women win in that situation given men have to purse and women just put themselves out there. Anyways, one nite I went over there brazenly drunk, and f***** her on the couch adjacent to where he was watching TV. That was the first time I saw a woman cuckhold her husband. She told him I had a stallion c*** that could go all nite. She made me hump her in different positions. He whacked off watching and I drove my c*** b**** deep into that woman. My only regret was I couldn't knock her up because she was on the pill. Never had the thrill of knocking a married woman up right in front of her hubbie.

  • My friend and I also love to f*** a married woman, mine.

  • As a teen and young adult I looked much younger and virginal. I played that up and lost my virginity repeatedly. That was also how I was bedded by my first single MILF and married woman. Her husband's knew and approved. Once out of school and working I fell for a married woman. Her husband looked a LOT like me. As soon as she found out I got a girlfriend, she pounced. She almost wouldn't touch me unless I had a girlfriend as cover. After that relationship ended I had girlfriends but almost exclusively slept with married women.
    When one girlfriends found out I was cheating on her with a married woman, and didn't freak out, but asked questions about it I came clean. After I explained everything she was surprisingly encouraging. I later married her.

  • Yeah, I basically fake 'lost' my virginity with most of my early boyfriends.

  • I would love to put my sperm deep inside your slutty wives and knock them up, contact me only serious ones and you bring them to me

  • I will f*** your wives to and give them white babies, contact me I'm from Canada

  • If you're all interested in sexy pics and trade of my sext wife she's 35, 5'0 34c b****** latina email at

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  • You can f*** my wife any time

  • Phone number

  • You probably f***** my wife

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  • Love for my wife to give other men adult pleasure, prefer her to f*** with out condoms.

  • I like her to give me head

  • I like married women I to treat them like whores, get them drunk and make them f*** and suck off my friends, who're they going to tell their husband, no way, if I get pictures the w**** is going to get gang banged. I've blacked mailed a couple of married women this way.

  • It's also amazing for the husbands that enjoy. Nothing makes my c*** throb as much as seeing my wife taking another mans big c***. She loves to get pounded out every now and again by a much larger c*** and I totally get off seeing my sweet wife getting pumped deep. I love the way her p**** feels right after his big c*** filled her.

  • I was never a s*** and was always faithful to my boyfriends. After being married for 10 years something inside me changed and I just craved s**. I have been f****** every c*** that gets hard around me for some time now. Dozens of men have f***** my married p**** and I love it. I never make them use condoms but most prefer to cover my face in c** instead of c****** inside me

  • Where are you located?

  • How can I make your f*** buddy list?

  • I love for my wife to be filled with other mens s**** in her c***.

  • That's my dream... C** inside another mans wife.. Love to get her pregnant!

  • Im like you love the thrill of s******* married girls also husbands as i am bi its amazing the number of married men who r into gay s**

  • Nearly al maried ladys r mad for s** i hav screwed lots of them my sister was always a good girl but since she maried shes the town bike im ashamed of her half my mates hav fuckd her

  • I have been f****** my mate's mother for six months now and she just love my c*** and can't get enough of it , one day we got caught by his grand mother, and she admired the size of my c*** so much we ended up having a threesome and i f***** his ganny

  • I tried to f*** my mate's wife but she wont let me i have felt her up a few time and had my hand in her knickers but i can't get her to let me f*** her, so i did the very next thing one day and f***** his young daughter instead.

  • B patient if she let u put hand n knickers shes open 2 the idea time go slow

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