I have fantasies about my mentally challenged neighbor

My neighbor is a 64 year old mentally challenged man that comes to my house quite often. He isn't the cleanest guy around and i am typically not interested in older men because I'm 24 but I often have crazy fantasies about him. I want to make them become reality but because of his problems I feel like it is just wrong. Also, I sometimes joke around sexually with him but he understands and jokes with me. If I decide to have s** with him how should I approach him? I also need to know how to keep it a secret from family and friends because they think badly of him. Help me please!!!!


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  • Let him pet the rabbits.

  • If he tells nobody wil believe him

  • Let him c u naked and w*** him them werdos r v h****

  • Having had some experience in this area ,it is very risky as he WILL fall in love with you AND want to get married! He will also tell others about what you and he had done sexually. S** would be quite animalistic and wild though!

  • Gve him a slow soft handjob. He supposingly have no sexual experience, but he most likely masturbates, maybe several times a week. A handjob will brake the ice, and you can take it from there.

  • Ithink you know this is a bad idea. Think about how emotionally involved normal people can get about s** and how much trouble they have handling it sometimes, how well do you think a mentally challenged guy is going to handle it? What if you have s** with him and he falls in love with you and wants to marry you? Is that what you want?

    Fantasize all you want but find someone else to have s** with.

  • Take him in the bedroom and start to tickle him,then f*** him and give him a puppy(retards like puppys)then tell him if he tells you will kill the puppy.works with kids

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