I used to love my mom madly because of

I used to love my mom madly because of her extraordinary body. She is very much musculine with a vital of 38DD-30-46. She is 5'-7' tall and very fair. Her legs thighs are well shaped, toned and exceptionally hairy. Not only her legs and thighs but also her hips, a***, abdomen up to her big deep navel are densely hairy. She used to put on sleevless dresses all the time and we used to enjoy her super densely hairy armpits. I have started secretly watching her nude when I was 19 yrs old and revealed one of the most secret facts of world.

She is not a pure woman. She is a true hermaphrodite. Yes, she posseses both c*** and c***. Unbelievable but true. A fully functional heavy duty (9" long and 5" thick) d*** and an always wet amazon covered wide v***** from which I once landed on earth. And every day during bath she used to musterbate her d*** and e******** almost a cup of s****, untill I have managed her to lead a life of outstanding pleasure where she can enjoy as a man and woman.

Now I am 24 and she is 44. She f***** my ass thousand times and I have drank her dense s**** thousand times. I also f***** her two holes inside world's most dense jungle and became a proud father of a son, our son. She also f***** our female srevant (28) and gifted her a daughter. Our male servant (17) has recently started f****** my mother and already made mom pregnant. Mom loves to see me sucking off servant's a*** after she f**** his a*** and c*** there. And she also madly sucks his/mine a*** after me/he f**** our a****.

We r leading an incredibly pleasurous and outstanding sexual lives.


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  • This post made me throw up in my mouth a little

  • ^^^^^^I AGREE!!!!

  • Super F** Alert !!! lol

  • Lmao.

  • See...

    That is called being a 'troll''.

    This concept of being a 'troll'' is central to the internet.

    Ignore them.

    Don't feed the troll.

  • Lol thats right, the above poster is right!! This confesser is a just some deranged perv out for a reaction.

  • Uhmmmm..Hermaphrodites are STERILE! They certainly cannot father and mother a child! What an idiot! Oh, by the way did anyone at all believe that?

  • Every single word written down there is true like nature. U believe it or not, I don't care. I just confessed.

  • Hahaha, this guy thinks his mum is a milf, but justify's it by saying she is masculine, gay men do this, a man inferrior in masculinity attaches himself to another man in an attemp to re-gain masculinity.
    I know this is gonna ruffle some feather...but i dont care, do you have to work with 100 gay guys evey day talking in that annoying voice to client, the voice BTW they didn't have 2 months ago.
    seriously guys, whats with that? dont your mothers or something say to you..."ahhh why are you talking like that...?"
    its like your okay your gay, but do you have to try and kill us all with those annoying voices? ohh but i bet you would love that, kill all re-productive huimans, and you guys can have a little f*** fest then all die out.
    yep...thats number 1 on the list isn't it.

  • i now truly believe that there are some really messed up ppl out there... although a good use of imagination, it worries me because everything has a basis of truth weather a fantasy or an actuallity... I wonder what part of this is the truth

  • omg....hahahaha soooo wrong

  • Penthouse Letters wants to hear from you.

  • god every time i see "dense s****" i want to f****** puuuuke

  • I know this is a complete lie but it's the best lie anyone has ever posted on here. I was truly entertained.


  • nice.

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