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Im not braggin but Im a very attractive male, and Im attracted to beautiful women and men. One of my friends who is about 23 (im 16) picked me up from school early one day and him an I went to this mall about 2hours away from where we live. So during that drive I asked him "is it gay for a guy to let another guy pleasure him," he gave me a strange look and said "who sucked you?" I laughed and said no one. He took this weird turn down a back road and pulled over into a vacant lot and said "who are you trying to suck," I looked him up and down and he shook his head no. I said "Don't ask......don't tell....i wont tell...if you dont...spitters are quitters and Im no quitter," He pulled it out and I went to work. Im such a natural. Later that day I went back to school for football practice and my gf was asking where I went and y im acting so strange. Her and I argue alot about me she thinks im cheating on her. I cheat ALL the time with her friends, other players on the team. So I broke up with her. My older friend told his friend about my "skills" and his friend now pays me. So I started charging every guy. So now Im charging about 5 guys, I still love v*****. Ill crush a f***** p**** I just got some early and it was so great I didnt just squirt I EXPLODED OMG. I know IM not gay, i certain im not straight . WTF am i?? and WHat should I do??


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  • Uh i think ur like not gay but ur not totally straight but uh idk and dont cheat on people though but im only 12 so my advice might not be smartest u know?

  • Definitely bi. I enjoy c*** and p****. Nothing wrong with that. Whatever you're in the mood for. :)

  • You're bi. Just be safe, because you want to have fun and not contract a disease.

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