Married male cocklover

I've only sucked 2 c**** in my 64 yrs of living, but I am very much hooked, infact it is constantly on my mind. I am think seriously about trying a***. The biggest fantasy is to be 69ing a guy while another guy sticks his c*** in my butt. So I guess it's true once you get a c*** you just keep wanting more and more. Oh! I'm a married male

Oct 3, 2012

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  • I would love to have you suck my c*** while getting one of my ass

  • Would love a gang bang in my mouth and post video on THE NET

  • Yes I am a man and I love to suck c*** more than anything

  • I'm looking to have a little fun myself. I live just outside the Houston area, respond and I would love to meet up.

  • This confession is okay, but the comments really get me hard! Just the thought of going snap and cozying up to some gay stud while wifey is at home waiting on me has me about to change my life. Gotta leave her for some gay c***!

  • S***, i love reading these kind of stories. i wish i could meet you all and have a great c*** sucking, f****** time.

  • Love to join you in that

  • It is your pleasure, not every ones..

  • Dadamn there is a lot of clpsetfeout there!

  • Anychance you live in ok? that sounds hot..married male here also

  • That's so hot. I've ne never done anythibg with a man but i really want to. maybe one of you can help me out. I'm only 20and down for anything.

  • Neither have I-and I'm eighteen.

  • I was in a threesome with the wife and my friend duprised me and nailed my ass while wife and I were going at it. This felt so good that I came harder than ever before. When we told my wife what we did she said that she would have liked to have seen it, so the next time we were together she watched my friend have his way with me, then we made love with his c** dripping out of my ass during each stroke.

  • Jeez those other guys are definately right on the money. Once you start getting it up your ass, and you have gotten over the slight discomfort and adjusted to your man's d***, you really are going to go crazy for it. You say the meat is constantly on your mind NOW, but right now that's just hyperbole for you: when you've taken a man (I mean, a REAL MAN) in your ass, when you've been pounded without mercy by him, and you've felt ALL of that hot j*** being pumped into and swirling around your guts, literaly all you'll ever be able to think about when you aren't getting it is going back and getting more. Your life from that point forward will always and forever only be about experiencing the feeling of being in front of a man who knows how to hit those spots in your a*** cavity that make you scream and make you cry and make you beg. A man who knows how to f*** you so good that he makes you happy and make you what you are and fulfills your destiny. You will love meat in the ass. Go get yourself some.

  • You only think you're hooked now. Once you get a d*** in the ass, you'll be in heaven, but you'll be intensely addicted. ENJOY IT.

  • Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. I'm married and cheating and I just love, love, love, love, love, love, love c***. It may not make sense but I love it even more than I ever loved p****. I never thought about gay s** as being anything other than disgusting, until I had my first experience, and now I can't even get aroused by the thought of a woman, much less my wife: I have to go get my needs met by other men and their fantastic d****. Yes, once you get a c*** you just keep wanting more and more. Rock on, my man!

  • jesus thats a really hot fantasy. just reading what you wrote made me hard and made my ass throb with hunger for it. ommfg!

  • Your so right theres no middle ground with the meat. you either dont want it or you have to have it. i divorced my wife so i could get more meat. i f****** love it and cant be without it.

  • Married here, too, and cheating with a younger gay man who introduced me to the life. i had resisted other advances made toward me over the years but when i got a look at this guys meat .................. DAMN! the f****** thing was f****** gigantic. bigger than anything i had ever seen even in a picture. and it was unbeleivably beautiful. as soon as i saw it i knew i had to have it. i mean this man was hung like a horse and once i got him hard it was even more incredible. plus hes not only hung like a horse but he c*** like one too just all over me and all over everything every time he c***. eventually i will leave my wife and family to be with him but for now hes with another man but when that ends he is mine! and my ass and mouth are his!!

  • I'm gay and I love married men. LOVE them. Really can't get enough of them. You're all so hungry and so needy and so ready to please! :) But best of all, you can't afford to have your wives or your children or the world know how badly you need the d***, so that makes you really pliable and manipulable, and that's why so many gay men like myself go after you: you're all totally insatiable and can't let anybody know. And you're all such wonderful little cocksuckers!!

  • You're absolutely right: once you get the meat, you keep wanting the meat and you can NEVER get enough of it. It was exactly the same for me, married for 20 yrs and then met a much younger man who came on to me and wouldn't take no for an answer. He worked on me for almost an entire YEAR and finally got me to give in and suck his d***. It happened in the mens room at bar where we had gone to drink with some friends one night after work (we work at the same company, and I'm his supervisor). Actually, it happened three times that same night, in the same stall, because I already couldn't get enough of it in me. Damn, I felt like I was on fire for his c*** and nothing would put out the flame. Then he took me home with him that night and took my a*** cherry and never gave it back: we've been together ever since. Occasionally, he gives me to two or three of his gay friends, and that really drives me f****** wild because it's rough and rude and there are so many of them on me, but mostly it's just him and me, and I take care of him like he was my mistress, which he is, except that he's the one in control of the relationship and calling all the shots. But that's fine with me, because as long as he keeps f****** me like he's f****** me, he can have anything he wants because he knows I'm addicted to him, to the way he treats me, and to the way he and his friends f*** me. I know exactly what you're talking about and I wish you well.

  • I was friends with this guy for 2 years as he was my neighbour.we usually visited each others house and know many secrets.soon he started touching me every now and then.his hands would reach upto my d***.but one day he slid his hand inside my shorts and grabed my d*** and started stroking it,it became erect and he continued stroking until i came inside my shorts.then he removed my shorts and placed me on the sofa.he parted my and sucked my d*** .

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