I always wait to do my term paper 12

I always wait to do my term paper 12 hours before I have to go to bed the day before it's due. Yet, amazingly, I have always gotten a B or higher on these.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Good for you! You should start your own business. . .selling term papers!

  • Some people work well under pressure...B's get degrees!!!!

  • Bettyboop....you are a pycho ass b****. get a mother f****** life

    ~Mrs.Tellin It Like It Is~

  • But you could do so much better! It's not about As and Bs. It's not about cheating life. I could run red lights when no one's looking or steal from many stores without getting caught or m********* over my neighbour's daughter. But it's about personal integrity and doing what's right.

    Work on your paper properly. Give it some proper treatment. Think about it. Read the books and articles. Digest it. Talk to your friends about it. Then write the paper unhurriedly. You'll be a better student and a better individual. Even if you get an F, that's just one professor's opinion, because inside you'll know that you did a conscientious job.

  • UR A F***** CHEATER.....DUH..


  • My friend and I used to do them in study hall the period before and always had atleast a B-

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