I can sleep unless I have purged in the

I can sleep unless I have purged in the evening. The guilt of not ridding myself of the calories is too overwhelming to let my mind sleep.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • I've just had some mackerel fillets,b***** delicious

  • She said she can sleep , ok guys?

  • you're lacerating your throat
    and you're probably going to have heart problems later in life

    ...is it worth it?

  • Don't worry you're not alone.

  • The paramedics will have an easy job lifting you while you're on the gurney.

  • Enjoy your disgusting, emaciated corpse.

  • Uh, those calories also include the vitamins, amino acids, carbohydrates, and protein that your body NEEDS to survive on. Purge and you open yourself to ailments like fricken' SCURVY.
    Here is an example...
    Vitamin A deficiency symptoms - Night blindness; rough, dry, or prematurely aged skin; loss of sense of smell; skin blemishes; eye styes; diarrhoea; acne; colds; fatigue; softening of bones & teeth.

    B-Complex - Tired, irritable, nervous, depressed, hair (dull, dry, falling out), acne, insomnia, bad breath, anaemia, constipation, high cholesterol, poor circulation, digestive disturbances.

    B1 Thiamine - Fatigue, irritability, memory loss, nervousness, numbness of hands & feet.

    There are more losses with B2, B6, and B12

    Vitamin C - Colds, anaemia, bleeding gums, nose bleeds, bruise easily, poor digestion, stress, dental cavities, swollen or painful joints, slow healing of wounds or fractures.

    Vitamin D - Diarrhoea, insomnia, nervousness, softening bones & teeth.

    E-TOCOPHEROL - Dull, dry, or falling hair; impotency, muscle weakness, heart disease, miscarriages, gastro-intestinal disease.

    I'm not even mentioning the symptoms of mineral losses are...

    All because you think everything boils down to calories? Do you know how calories are figured out? Its the energy to warm 1g of water by 1 degree Celsius. You have to understand what has empty calories and what doesn't. Anything that has no mineral or vitamin or content is useless to your body, but does turn to fat like regular calories that have nutrients.

    Now, I'm a little overweight. I don't exercise enough. I don't eat a proper balanced diet, but I know I'll never suffer from malnutrition.

    Please stop purging, okay?

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