My wife's sexual past turns me on

When my wife and I first got married, we had talked about past partners and I was shocked to hear that she had been with a black man. Like I said, I was shocked and my reaction was obvious. She quickly told me that it was only once and that she felt weird doing it and even stopped halfway through. A few years later she told me that she had in fact had s** with two different black guys. She then told me that a friend of hers had a fantasy involving a group of black men raping her, I think she told me this to get the "heat" off of herself. For a while I was pretty shocked, that she had kept this from me, that she felt that she couldn't tell me the truth. Since she failed to tell me the truth, I began imagining her having wild s** with black men, I mean like p*** star s**. I couldn't stop thinking about my wife doing these things and it made me crazy. But then it started to turn me on, thinking about her sucking those men and getting f*****. I could imagine her screaming in ecstasy and just having a great time. It really began to turn me on. I asked her if she thought black men were attractive, and she said no. I assured her that I was ok with whatever she liked and wanted to be open and honest with her. She finally told me that she thought some black guys were cute. We began to have an open discussion about fantasies and I told her that it turned me on thinking about her with her past lovers. She looked at me like I was crazy. I asked her if I got her a black d**** if she would use it, and she said she didn't know. So I bought her a nice sized black d****. We have used it a couple of times, but she doesn't really get into it. I don't know if she is embarrassed or what but seeing her suck and f*** that d**** is a huge fantasy of mine now. I cant stop thinking about her sucking and f****** black c***, and believe me I have tried. I have gone months without bringing it up, but I think about it every single day. I wish she would play more with me and get into this fantasy because I don't think it is going away anytime soon. She says it hurts, but sometimes during s** I will insert two fingers in her and then my p**** and she really likes it. And that is much thicker than the d**** I got for her. I think she is paranoid that I am trying to bust her for having a good time or something. I have tried to tell her that it just really turns me on. Oh well, maybe one day when my p**** no longer works she will want the d**** more often.

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  • I can definitely relate. I didn't know much about my wife's sexual past until after 3-4 years of being married. She opened up during a little half drunk pillow talk and went into detail about some things I didn't know about. I didn't realize until then that jealousy could be so arousing but it seriously heated things up that night. For me it hasn't been a negative thing, I only wished she would do it a little more often and maybe stretch the truth a little sometimes to keep me in suspense. For her, I think she is tired of telling the same stories but they never get old to me.

  • - I'm glad guys are more understand of their girlfriends/wives past before they met them.

  • Your feelings on this matter seem so similar to mine. She was a “good girl” until she got divorced. Between her ex and me her number went from 1 to 10 in two years. This turns me on a great deal. She’s an expert c*** sucker and I love the fact I didn’t have to teach her any of it.

  • My wife had f***** 20 different guys, at least 5 raw and sucked at least 30 different d**** by age 21. Is that way above average?

  • I'm Dan

  • I would think maybe a little above average.. Does it turn you on? My wife had 2 that she f----d in high school and it still turns me on so much... I love to tell guys what she do... I've made several c-m hearing can we talk?

  • Two words. Vanessa's Confessions. Get it on Amazon for 99 cents. Its a game changer my friend

  • Which state are you in...I may be able to help. I'm in the Midwest: IL, Mich, Indi, and Wis.

  • Try some interracial p***. I love p***, especially when there are multiple guys on one girl. I had several black lovers before I married and i still fantasize about them all the time. Particularlly one guy who was my first black f***. I have had a pretty adventurous s** life with gang bangs, affairs, you name it I have f***** it at least once (some I wont mention). But my connection with my first black was pretty special in a lot of ways, not just because he had a great c***. My emotional connection stemmed more from me being 16, his dominance over me as a 20 year old, the taboo of it,my reluctance to do it with him, and his f****** my brains loose anyway. I had been with 6 guys before him but no one ever f***** me like that before or since. I have had many blacks afterward but it felt more natural and OK after the first time so my connection isn't as strong and I am alot more mature now. Perhaps she has a similar connection with her first black partner. Not much you can do about it, my guess if she ran in to him somewhere and he was available, they would probably f*** because she would have a dificult time refusing him. If you can get her into watching a little p*** and wake her up so shes not uncomforatble with her desires then find a suitable friend to introduce her to who can push her buttons you will probably get what you want. Shes just reluctant to share her fantasy in fears of you rejecting her once she actually gives in to it in your presense. You also may do better to let her go out first by herself so shes not being judged. Once she gets a taste, she may not worry about fantasy anymore since shes getting the real thing. Good Luck

  • Realy**** I *** when ***** does **** blank ****** and **** then ******

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