i get bored easily and my boyfriend

i get bored easily and my boyfriend loves his friends more than me! that really turns me off! and it p***** me off that he's having a much better day with them laughing and making jokes instead of me. i mean, he rarely smiles at me and whenever we meet up, he'll have that "S***! Here she comes along with H***!" face of his and the whole atmosphere suddenly turns moody! and he blames it on me for having tempere! well forgive me! i wouldn't be in such a bad mood it wasnt for his face and that short straight line smile of his! we're giving each other a really hard time and when i gave him space he goes for other girls! and the most fuckiest thing is that he still denies it even when caught busted! WHAT IS SO WRONG WITH U!

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  • Leave him,you deserve better!!!!

  • if he isn't making you happy and treating you right...
    he doesn't deserve you.
    also next time try asking him if anything is up.
    what's on his mind.
    he might be in a bad mood too at times you never know.
    don't just asume ask for facts.

  • Go and stand in front of a mirror and take a long objective look at yourself and see if you are a dull, moody, lifeless couch potato. Maybe your boyfriend and you are two independent characters with totally different life style and wants and wishes in life. If that is so take a walk and find someone more suited to you. Why be somewhere you are both not totally happy...................move on.

  • How about getting a few friends of your own...

  • Lose him for yourself, and his. He's not your dancing monkey to relieve your boredom. You don't share the same interests as you're not there with the friends.

    Where are your friends?

  • Lose him

  • All guys are like this to an extent. Just because he's with you, it doesn't mean that he doesn't enjoy the company of his friends.

    That said, you're probably pretty controlling by the sounds of it, so I can blame him for the attitude he has. Stop being a psycho.

  • It just goes to show that guys are more fun to be around than woman.

  • He obviously doesn't feel the same way that you feel about him. Find another boyfriend.

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