I cheated on my boyfriend of 6 years

I cheated on my boyfriend of 6 years and we recently got engaged and he still doesnt know. I've never told anyone this but now I feel alot better knowing I've got it out.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • I don't cheat and neither does my partner.We have an honest,loyal and open-minded relationship.
    We discuss these things.I feel sorry for those,that don't have significant others,that are loyal.

  • Everybody cheats get married and cheat all u want but dont get caught

  • You're wrong.As you don't know everyone,
    on earth.So you can't profess,that everyone cheats.

  • As long as you NEVER TELL HIM, everythign will be fine! Just ignore that huge elephant!

  • Do it again.
    Go onn...you know you want to.

  • If you cheated on him, then you're not ready to marry him. Once a cheater always a cheater. What makes you think you'll be faithful through marriage?

    I'd tell him - bare in mind that this will definitely strain your relationship.

  • uhmm.
    before you guys get married i would go on maury he can solve anything=]

  • Tell him, or leave him. Don't pretend it never happened. It did.

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