How my parents died

When I was a kid my father died from shooting himself in the head. My mother died a few years later from an overdose of crack. I spent the final years of my adolesence in foster care. I'm an adult now and many years have passed. I don't talk abut the things I went through as a kid but the memomories are still vivid. I am haunted by the things I experienced. I have no one to talk to. As I've always done I keep it all inside and it simmers. Burning into my spirit. Poisoning my mind. No one who knows me knows of the things I once went through. I am lost.

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  • Nice story. Tell us a real one now.

  • I'm sorry you are hurting underneath all the numbness. I can truly relate. I went to a counseling center and I can't say I'm 100% cured, but I feel somewhat better. If you are interested I can help find you a place.

  • Thanks but I'm the type that avoids counseling. I know it would probably help, but for reasons I can't even fully explai, it's something I avoid.

  • You are not alone, my father shot my mother after cought her having s** with his younger brother, i was then 10yrs so my aunt took me and my 2months old sister in her home. My past never let go of me plus our aunt was something else on us, i never told anyone, i always feel unwanted in this world i even planned to kill myself so many times but my sister was so little to leave her her alone in this wicked world so that held me from killing myself. Last year i meet this guy who was so much intrested in me but i wasn't feeling any feeling for anyone besides my sister who i accepted as my daughter instead of a sister.cut long story short i had to open up to him my life, honestly he made me feel great and forgotten my past. Why did i bring this story of mine, is that you may feel unwanted and lost but there are people out there need you more than you need them, whatever happened to your life is not in anywhere your fault just accept yourself and keep and focus forward because tomorrow there is better life than your past. The world needs you than you need it, if you didn't write your store and your feeling i wouldn't be here writting to you. Your story brings many peaple to self-reliance and my appreciated so much. You see your life isn't yours alone. Don't give up you are needed please.

  • Thank you for sharing your story with me and for the words of support. It's sad to hear of someone else going through a traumatic expereince, especially as a child, yet it reminds me that I'm not alone. Unlike you though I'm pretty much on my own. I live my life for myself but its so empty and lonely at times. I wish I had someone to share it with and another reason for going on is to hope that maybe someone there will be. Your sister is very lucky to have you.

  • You sound intelligent enough, which means to me, that you're not as lost as you would like to believe.

  • You're a loser.

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