Double Standard?

Why does their seem to be a double standard between men and women with cheating? Like when a women cheats it's "Woo you go girl!" but with a man it's "filthy disgraceful man" I'm just wondering, that's all

Apr 30, 2013

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  • What are you talking about? Generally speaking, cheating is looked down upon on with both males and females.

  • There is s double standard as far as underage goes. We have seen it recently. A male teacher boinks an underage female student he get some serious jail time and may have to register as a s** offender. On the other hand, a female teacher boinks an underage male student she gets very little jail time, if any, and most likely only gets probation. When I was 16 I would have loved for some hottie female teacher seduce me. I would have enjoyed every minute of it and been smart enough to keep my mouth shut about it.

  • Sorry for not really saying I only meant on this website! lol kind of f***** up there. I sounded like a weird woman-hating hermet

  • There is some lame-ass women bashing going on here. So you've been burned. Take it out on all women, you jackasses. Maybe you should take some time to examine yourself, the choices you made in life and how you reacted when things went wrong. If you want to be that bitter woman-hating person the rest of your life, good luck with that. The misery of your bad experience with a woman or women will haunt you the rest of your life. Enjoy your misery.

  • Shut up w****, go back to cheating on your husband.

  • Basically, women want everything under the sun and if you don't do exactly what they want, they will cheat. Take a look on here and you'll see a large portion of cheating confessions are women, it's pretty sick.

  • Every girl will tell you, "I'm not like other girls."..they're all the same. They will all use that line and when they're not around f****** other people. Women will cheat and lie and most times you'll never find out. They're all f****** s****. F*** them and leave them, cause they have NO qualms about f****** you over

  • I'd say you're a man who has been cheated on. Well, women are judged quite harshly when they cheat. By other women "the other woman" and the man she's cheating on and his family, most often. Vicariously, there are some who say "you go, girl," just like there are some men who are cheered on for being a player. There is no double standard. Just individual circumstances and reactions.

  • Good explanation b**** goddess. That explains it all. I no u been there done dat now. The point is ur a b****. Ur excuse doesnt count

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