my name is barry and i wear women's

my name is barry and i wear women's panties everyday. i have for about 6 years. i feel sexy wearing panties with lace and ruffles...i guess it's my feminine side. it is a secret, very few people know. a couple salesgirls at the mall know and are happy to help me chose new panties whenever i go shopping. i am so glad that they are there because i love wearing panties.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Be very comfortable being yourself.
    There us nothing wrong with you, you just have a feminine side to your personality.
    Men do not understand this part of us but women do and they actually like it.
    I was talking to my wife aboyr mici fiber or nylon panties and I had this woman come up to us and she atarted talking to us saying. " I couldn't help over hearing your conversation ".
    Women actually like crossdressers and i do mit know about you but I love women. And my wife and i like to go shopping for jewelry and clothes for each other very often.
    It is a lot if fun married to your best freind, and more fun than most men could understand bc it takes you inti a woman's world and mist men just want to act macho but nothing else. I will protect any woman and u hsve 4 times in my life.
    I was her big brother as long as shevhas a problem, but mist if the time when I show up that is enough to stop the abuse.
    Ans all while wearing panties.

  • You go Barry! Do what makes you happy👍

  • I hope on your way home from work tomorrow a Mack truck crushes you on the highway and the paramedics see your preety undies and laugh at you! Ya big p****!

  • Right on, keep wearing whatever you like. Forget all about these homophobes.

  • OH MY GOD one of my clients is named Barry and he's the weirdest f*** in the world and now I think he may be you!

  • Don't even comment! That's what this "thing" wants from you. Whoever you are, you are completely full of s*** and needless to say...pathetic.

  • Haha, that's kind of funny actually. I don't think it means your gay. Well, maybe a little... ;P

  • shut up Tish

  • look I think your gay, a real guy wouldnt do something like that

  • My fathers name is Barry.Now whenever i see him i'm going to think of this.oh god lol

  • that's so hott. i wish i knew you :]

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