I want to be used...

I want to be tied down, used, forced.... I love my bf but he just likes plain vanilla s**. I need more. I need to be dominated. I have tried to introduce more kinky stuff into our s** life but it doesn't work. I want to be manhandled ....thrown around, pounded, used up. then I want to beg for more. I think i'm a sexual deviant!

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  • You are not a sexual deviant, you are a sexual submissive. Might be time to find a bf who is dominant and will share you with others. I have done this with most of my gfs. They feel even closer to me when I 'force " them to have s** with a group of men who used them roughly. A great dom will protect you and see the men do it the way you want.

  • Did u get your wish yet?

  • Tell the boy what you want and how you want it. He might be afraid of manhandling you because you are precious to him. Tell him what you want and if he can't help you ask him if has anyone in mind that can.

    Let us know what's going on with you

  • If you really want this to work, Your gonna have to straight up tell him what you want and how u want it... Get a p*** and tell him we are gonna do what they do.... maybe he wants to be the sub? Or maybe this is just all new to him... You gotta tell him what u like and what u need or else your gonna have wandering eyes looking for that fix u after... good luck!

  • I once saw an ad on Craigslist from a guy whose girlfriend had a rape fantasy. He was looking for someone willing to help her fulfill that fantasy because he didn't feel he could do it himself. Does your bf have enough dedication to your sexual gratification that he would be willing to allow another man to give you the pounding you need?

  • Absolutely not he's extremely jealous! I sometimes think about how I could do it without him knowing..... I fantasize about having some random men come to my house and take me when he's out of town...if I could even accomplish it

  • Interesting. Jealousy is a powerful emotion. If you could get him a little angry (perhaps by flirting with another guy) and h**** at the same time he might respond by f****** you a little more aggressively than normal. Good luck!

  • I would luv to f*** your mouth c** all over your face then never see you again.

  • U need a real man to f*** ur little c*** make u beg for more! Leave that b**** ur dating and find a man to use u and abuse u.

  • That's exactly what I need

  • There is nothing deviant about wanting to safely enjoy giving up sexual control in the bedroom. So long as everyone consents to everything beforehand its all good!

    Its not deviant at all, its healthy human expression. Frankly, IMO there are few 'deviant' forms of sexual expression. 'Deviant' implies a baseline form of sexual activity which simply doesn't exist. Everyone enjoys different things in different ways and there is nothing wrong with that in virtually all cases.

    I doubt your boyfriend simply craves 'vanilla' s**. I imagine he simply might not be in to domination as much as you are and simply feels uncomfortable adopting a role he doesn't feel is his natural persona.

    Still, if he truly cares about you he should be able to expand his sexual repertoire in order to satisfy your needs. Just be open with him and explain what you desire most. The least he could do is try it on and see how he likes it. Who knows, maybe hes a natural at dominating someone and doesn't even know it!

    Just be open and honest. You can't really go wrong with that.

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