I want a white girl ass wooped, she has

I want a white girl ass wooped, she has been layin up with my man, she has been warned once b4 to stay away from him, but obviously take me for a joke, i would woop her ass but im pregnant and due any day, it kills me to no the man i love is trifflin, im to the point were i would pay any amount of money to some one to woop this girl ass....

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  • 1st comment go 2 h*** *slaps u*

  • I owuld like to know what your plans are for this child, I think some of the questions posted were good ones, so you leave him what about this child and doesn't it p-h-a-s-e you that you can not spell? So you among others bring a child into the world which will only add to the welfare rolls, so answer the question ....another single black woman with a limited education bringing more people into this world , i think you should focus less on your bf and think about the life you want for your unborn child or better yet give it up for adoption...

  • Good job leaving him girl! Next time though, use protection!

  • good job ur an inspiration for many women in there who are in bad relationships im glad u didnt let him get a hold on u life should be a lot easier. Good luck =)

  • thank u to the last 3 people comments, i did leave him alone,he now is tryin to come 2 me but im done with him. i always had a job, a car and money so what them ignorant people at the top saying doesnt fase me, theres nuthing wrong with being pregnant from a long term love relationship, there just ignorant but i do appreciate the comments, the people at the top can kiss my ass tho

  • those other comments are disgusting...if this site wasn't anonymous, those punks wouldn't have said anything...i say leave him...

  • yes i agree with last commenter, leave that guy.

  • Ignore all of them. They are just rude and very ignorant. They do not know that the are saying can alter someones life. Here is what you should do: First of all, YOU have to leave. Without his white girl to pay for his rent all the damn time, he will come running, but you cant let him get to you. You just leave and start you a life. Stay with a friend for a while or something till your up from having the baby, then get a job, get a new apartrment, a used car(so u wont pay as much), and move on with your life. I also advise that you lay off having a man for a year or two. Get YOURSELF together first before you let someone else gave a go at messing with your mind.

  • You're stupid AND pregnant! Great combination! We need more people like you in this world...funny how the people that abortion was invented for are not the ones using it. Anyway, why don't you look at where the real problem lies? Your "man" is just as guilty as this girl. Takes two...

  • Stop breeding, you illiterate cumbox. Maybe if you had more than a fourth grade education you wouldn't be knocked up, living with a cheating spouse, and more focused on kicking his w****'s ass instead of his. Tell you what-pop out your rugmonkey, dump the loser, get yourself back in school and make something of your life. For the sake of your child. Maybe that's too much to hope for, though.

  • that sux. u know what id do with that cheating sack of crap? kick him in the face.

  • 2ND. comment, I want to woop his ass, i even want to get rid of him but the trifflen man wont leave my house, the ignorant cops wont even help me, and child support i will get like u say f*** him!

  • For the first comment ur a disgrase, how could u say some thin like that, ur very ignorant and im not going to waste any more effort on commenting u

  • woop HIS ass- not hers. He can say NO too. He's going to give you some disease. Take his f****** ass for child support and forget about him

  • so funny that you are pregnant, it FIGURES!!!! Thanks for bringing another child into the world without considering how to take care of it, Wish we would have just left ya'll in africa!

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