i constantly run down girls who have

i constantly run down girls who have lotsa guys wanting them.. i know its coz im jealous.. the worst thing is i no im prettier and nicer than these girls... i just dont have the confidence..

as horrible as they are they still get the guy, and I'd give anything to have there confidence but still be me..

Im 18 and never had a bf, kissed a guy or had s**.. the worst thing is, as much as i hate the way i look, im still picky about guys, I try and blame everyone else but i know its me, i hate the way i look, i weigh 146 pounds and only 5.6" (66kg-1.70 metres).. i figure im setting myself up for inevitable rejection...

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  • Sounds like you are a big old loser!

  • Leave the person who wrote fat b**** alone! Geez, ur probly fat, u big fatty.

  • and how is that relevent?

  • How the h*** is she fat?

  • Fat b**** !

  • hey im the one who posted the confession, thanks to you guys for being so nice and giving feedback (and advice etc) about my whinge...

    except the real..nice coment about me being a fat b****... heh..

  • Hey, I was reading your post and was like OMG I have almost the exact same problem (except height and weight). I am 18 and only recently got my first kiss, or series of first kisses (lol) and let me tell you, getting that step out of the way has lifted such a weight. I am a shy person, but after that something changed. I am much more sociable and can talk to guys a lot easier (not saying I never fall back into my shell every once in a while). But I am progressing, a steady boyfriend would be nice. My advice to you... just kiss SOMEONE, try it out just to get a feel for it, then get a job where a lot of teens your age work and just start TALKING. You'll make a lot more friends that way, and guys will start coming in left and right. I really wish you the best of luck because I know the feeling.

  • Fat B**** ! lol

  • I don't see anything wrong with your size... that's the exact height and weight of Beyonce. Focus on being funny and sweet and you should see more results. Your problem is that all you're concerned about is being "hot," and that'll get ya laid, but it won't get you a bf.

  • lol its not all about being hot either lol.

  • if you're so much prettier than these girls then why haven't you ever even kissed a guy? it's not all about confidence, necessarily, as long as you're hot

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