my BF and i are very much in love. we

my BF and i are very much in love. we talk about our future all the time. we roughly have about a year left of college. but-- i want to have a child with him so we both discussed this situation.
however- i know im not ready because i don't have my degree yet or a good job and i want to provide the best for my child. but i can't wait anymore..i dont understand why im longing to have a child so much...

i also dont know if its because i want to see what it's going to be like when im pregnant and i think it would bring my bf and i closer..not that we arent now..but i want him to rub my stomach and do cute things for me while im pregnant... is this wrong of me for longing of this???

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  • I am going through the same situation.

  • um... it's not wrong. but it's pretty gross.

  • thanks guys... i think you changed my mind about this situation. even though i am longing for a child i know that in truly not ready for one.. and i need to provide the best for my children and right now is not that time..

  • Wait-anyone who has kids now will be screwed later on because they will be living less of a life than they had planned are expensive and require planning

  • I have a lot of friends who did have kids when they were your age or in your place in life with just a year or two left of college and I didnt have kids till later, but now they always confide in me that they wish they would have waited because I have so many great stories about things I was just able to do at the spur of the moment without much notice...things that you are supposed to be able to do when you're in your early-mid twenties and look back on when you're older! So take your have your whole life to be married and play house!

  • It's perfectly normal to feel that way. All my friends are getting pregnant, and sometimes it really hits me that I want a child sooo bad, but my fiance and I are in the same situation, we need to get to a more stable place to provide for our future family. My advice: do what you need to do to make a better life, and work towards that first. But also, you know if you do get pregnant, you have someone who will stick by you.

  • TAKE YOUR TIME. Kids are a big responsibility and they tie you down. Do it in 5-10 years.

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