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Hey so this is gonna be weird. And I know what a lot of you might think about me... And well sorry :/ and I will be honest.

So in school, I'm 15 and so is this girl.. She is really hot and well... Has such a great big ass. And I look at her and her ass a lot, well all the time. She always wears this jacket that covers the most of her ass. Finally she wasn't wearing it. I knew what I was going to do. In class, there is a fairly small sized room that has a bunch of stuff that we all use at various times. We got told to get some books and I guess about 10 of us went to get some. A queue starts and me and her are waiting. She walks in and I follow. Just as she picks the book up and walks off, I rub my hand over her ass as she walks past and kinda grab it. I knew I was going to do this. I grab a book and she is standing there looking right at me looking shocked. I moved closer and she walked out. And that was it apart from some eye contact I guess. Please tell me something that might help. I planned it but felt really weird after cause I knew I had planned to do it.

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  • Hey man! Don't touch other people without their consent, that's wrong! No matter how nice their ass is. If you like her, get to know her. Doing stuff like this is almost guaranteed to make her not want to be around you! Just talk to her, and if she seems upset, truly apologize for what happened before.

  • Iv smacked the ass of my bestfriend's girlfriend.

  • Well just say you like her and love her ass but only if she is the sort of girl who would react in a decent way! if she gets bitchy all the time no, if she has a good sense of humor and can take a joke then yes. try and gauge what she is like and how she reacts to different things, for all you know getting to know her might make her like you too.
    and a little secret just for you.... she probably liked it although there is a chance she will never admit it.
    girls love attention even if they dont act on it. im a girl and if a guy touches me i get turned on just knowing they are turned on by me. of course i am only one person and dont represent all girls and opinions but im pretty sure you can trust my advice xx

  • Just talk to her she might like you lol. But I been there where a girl is so hot you just can't control yourself lol

  • Hello! Don't be an idiot, you cannot grab other people without their permission.

    If you like the girl so much, ask her out. If she says no, leave her alone.

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