im gay and i havent told anyone i have

im gay and i havent told anyone i have had fantasys about my friends and i want to have s** with them. i have known about this sight for a while reading peoples confessions and never having the confidence to do it myself but obviously i am doing it now. i read about one persons confession and they said that the think these confessions are fake but if you are like me you would know that they are not fake.i have done alot of stuff i am not proud of i even got my friend to sleep over my house and while he was sleeping i would feel his ass his d*** etc.. i am one of those people who thinks nothing bad will never happen to me but in my life i have been arrested , beaten , tortured , and i was even run over and i have never in my life told anyone anything that i am saying now and for the people who wonna f*** around and make fun of people who make these confessions are the real ones who have the problem and they cant confess what is really wrong in there lives.

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  • I dont like gays it just is not right to put your p.... Up a mans aids must have been natures way of solving this

  • Yes I agree with the above poster, do not touch people while they are sleeping!


    please stop repressing your sexuality. find some dudes who want to (safely) have s** with you so that you will NEVER MOLEST YOUR FRIENDS AGAIN.

    i cannot emphasize enough how f***** up it is to touch other people without their will or knowledge. if you were tortured, i'd think that you would have some inkling of that. the fact that you MOLESTED YOUR FRIEND totally overshadows everything else you've said in this post.

  • ^^ Oh my god i confess i'm a f** like your f***** father you raped your hole !!
    Piece of s*** h*** f*****! ^^
    M************ should be all gathered up and burned in ovens like all f****** n***'s did to kikes!

  • to the last commenter i wanted to say that you really need to make a confession because i know that it is eating you up inside not bein able to tell people your gay

  • Piece of s*** f*****!

  • yeah i was actually thinking the first commenter was gay too just doesnt want to admit it, in my opinion theres nothing wrong with being gay.

  • yeah be careful there are a lot of crazy and stupid ppl out there like the person who first commented for example. I feel sorry for u, u sound like uve gone through a lot, take care of urself. =)
    By the way i have a gay friend and he is awesome. If he wasnt gay id probably be in love with him lol.

  • for the first commenter i wanted to say i look sound and act like im straight and i think i hide it well and i dont want to tell anyone because of what they might think and personally i think you too are gay but just dont wana show it thats why you write f** on peoples confessions so i think that you should make a confession and let out your gay side even if you wont tell your family you are gay

    PS. f*** you

  • i think your very brave dont be afraid to be who you are. there are people out there who will love you regardless

  • Just be careful! There are way too many crazy people in this world! Be safe!

  • You deserve to get the s*** kicked outta you, you f****** f** !

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