I am addicted to masturbation

I have a sexual addiction. I am addicted to masturbation.

Don't even talk to me about being addicted p***; that's what you hear about the most. I don't really like p*** that much, although occasionally I do m********* to it. I m********* mostly to people I know, people I see everyday. Sometimes I close my eyes and just think of them. Often I go online and look at pictures of my friends, co-workers and everyday people and m*********.

So what's the definition of p***? Is is cute girls in shorts and bare sandals with white tank-tops, dressing that way because it's cute and comfortable? Is it a 50-year-old lady wearing a tight skirt flashing her nice smile? Obviously not, but for me I guess it is. I do admit that I go on photo sharing sites and look at people scantily glad but still g-rated and m*********. I LOVE to m*********. For me it is the most enjoyable sexual activity. But I don't know when to stop. I sit down to have a quick session and I get lost in it for hours. Before I know it, I've blown a whole day sitting here naked making love to my own c***. I think doing that is a beautiful thing do do, but like an alcoholic who likes wine and can't stop after one glass, I can't stop after a few minutes or even one o*****. I've masturbated a lot since I was a little boy, and this isn't the first time I've seriously tried to cut back. But it's gotten to the point that it has severely affected my work, my income and my social life. I really don't want to stop masturbating entirely; I don't think that's healthy, either. I just want control.

I have so many cute friends I m********* to, and it's tough to resist the urge to m********* to them. I will give you an example. Yesterday, I took my vehicle to the car dealership for regular service. Andrea, a young friend of mine, works there at the cashier's desk. I love to m********* to Andrea, who's just more than half my age. She's 27, about 5'1", long blonde hair, really cute. In summer I often see her in a tank-top, shorts, flip-flops showing off her sexy legs and feet, her blue eyes sparkling when she smiles and gives me her girlish laugh. Even though it was cold yesterday, she had on a short black skirt showing off those nice legs. She came out to greet me and gave me a hug, and the first thing I thought was, "Wow, sexy! I can't wait to m********* to her." I had to go to my home office and strip down and m********* to her! I did, but then I continued for several hours, completely blowing the rest of my work day.

Later, I got dressed and went to a networking event at a wine bar. In walks Gretchen, a 47-year-old cutie who works across the hall from me. I have such a crush on this cute MILF. She's about 5'6", light red hair down to her shoulders, cute figure, pretty eyes and this nice girlish voice and laugh. I love talking to her and I love to m********* to her! We talked at the bar for a few minutes. My mind turned to masturbating to her. I went back to the office, stripped down naked, and began making love to my c*** thinking about Gretchen, moaning her name and thinking about how cute she is. Then I went on sites like Flickr and Facebook and Twitter and found pictures of other women I adore and masturbated to them. By the time it was over it was past midnight. I still had to drive home. Now, it is the next morning, I've already masturbated once, am doing it again and I'm late for work.

Like I said, I LOVE to m*********. I think it is such a beautiful act and I LOVE to share it with others, do it with them, in front of them, talk about it with them. It's a healthy release if you do it once or twice a week. But I am doing it several times per day for hours per day. I need to control myself. This is really tough and I am failing miserable. I need to get control before I lose my business, my home, my family, my self-respect.


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  • I have pictures of my wife, if you would like to see her. I will check back to see if you left an e-mail address.

  • I would like the pics wetkn@outlook.com

  • It's so sad , when I first read this I was thinking it's some young boy but your married and have kids and own a business and your willing to lose all that because of lack of self control ?

    You need to go get help go see a s** therapist , like NOW !

  • I like jerking off but you have taken it to an entire new level. You need to re-prioritize. I thought jerking off in the morning before work and at night before bed was a lot. My wife agreed and she has locked my manhood up. Wish I could do it right now.

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