i am a married man in hartfordcity, in

i am a married man in hartfordcity, in. my problem is that i think i am gay. all i do is fantasize about s** with other men. i dont know what to do it is driving me crazy. i dont want to hurt my wife but i also want to be happy sexually. i fear that if i left my wife and chased my fantasies that might not be what i wanted. but i got some strong urges to be with a man. so i just dont know what i should do.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • So u want a*** hole not ur wife

  • You are already hurting your wife by staying with her. She too deserves to be sexually happy which she cannot truly be with you as you are not with her. Be true to yourself and the nature you were born with. Let the relationship with your wife be an honest one. Maybe a friendship will arise as a result.

  • i think you should determine if the love you feel for your wife is stronger then the urge to try things with other men and if it is then don't act on it but if its not then in my opinion i think you should in fact go to a gay bar and just flirt with other guys but not necesarily do anything with them, just as a little experiment

  • ^agreed^ and you need to think are the urdges you feel for other guys or for somthing new sexually?

  • ^don't do that^ I saw a show where a man was undercover gay, and he ended up giving his wife aids, so definitly tell her if you plan on acting on this!

  • comment above is a dumbass.

    If she doesn't even suspect it, then go f*** some dude at a gay bar. There's no clues she'd find out or anything. If she did think you were cheating, she'd have no women leads to go off of.

  • Go to church and let god take it into his hands! TRUST ME

  • Tell your wife the truth. That's better for both of you than letting her find out the hard way...

  • are you sexually attracted to your wife?

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