Kya hum best frd hea yah nahi batao

Mea eak 10 class ka student ho or mare eak frd hea bo mujhe sea 10 sal badi hea or hum sab bat share karetea hea sukh dhuk kea hum sat hote hea hum sapne share bat share kartea hea nd hum eak dusre ki bt mamtea hea per jah mea padta ho bo nbahi padti hea bo mujhe nahi chote baccho ko padti hea per sab log hum dono ko glat samjhte hea mea yah janana chata ho ki kya hum glut hea mea bhut pareshan hooo

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  • are you boko haram?

  • Kumbaya

  • Bahahaha, I remember my first beer too.

  • Do you also remember the first b****** you ever gave?

  • Yes I do! I even swallowed. Yum! How about you?

  • Mexican haters suck tacos.

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  • Chupa mi pito.

  • Pardon me, you mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging troglodyte, but aren't you late for your Klan rally?

  • No. Aren't you late for your lobotomy?

  • What's it like being a knuckle-dragging yokel and getting up on the wrong side of history every morning?

  • f***** hat handlers

  • Much like a politician, you are a disease ridden a***-licking can of rotten spam who comes on to the inbred clansman and the armpit smelling harlet.

  • Maybe so, I dunno. But at least I know how to spell "harlot". And you don't know s***.

  • Actually he can spell. From Urban Dictionary: Harlet is a way of saying w****. That prostitute is a harlet.

  • Ah, yes, the "Urban Dictionary". The last reference refuge of retards and droputs. And n******. "Harlet" is not an acceptable spelling OF ANYTHING. The word for prostitute is spelled "h-a-r-l-o-t", whether or not you agree or believe.

  • Hey, you reality-challenged halfwit, I'll bet your argument sounded better in the original German.

  • And yours surely sounded better splashing into the water of the toilet bowl.

  • Hey, you book-burning evangeliclown, your health insurer called. They're denying treatment because stupid is a preexisting condition.

  • You ought to know this from your own life: there is no treatment for "stupid". So sad . . .

  • Tell me, you bitter, Bible-thumping lunatic, which dark crevice of your d***-friendly rear did you pull that from?

  • So quick to rely on repetition. Out of fresh ideas? So sad.

  • Were you born a rabid, gay-fearing bottom-feeder or did you just eat paint chips as a kid?

  • Get down and kiss my feet you maggotous hypocritical troll who plays with the annoying c*** sucker and the c** guzzling harlet.

  • Tell me, you apocalyptic, Earth-defiling misanthrope, which dark crevice of your rear did you pull that from?

  • Actually, I pulled it out of your mother's t***.

  • Scuse me, I can’t seem to find my d***. Mind if I look in your mother’s mouth?

  • I suppose you could do that, but odds are you're gonna find the thing in your own ass.

  • It's not surprising you mentioned a d*** in the ass. No doubt you were reminiscing butt boy p****.

  • (Yawn......) Your tautology bores me. I don't want to play with you anymore........

  • Miley Cyrus? That's a man, baby!

  • How you know?

  • Look at her. No femininity. No grace. No sense of style. No hips. No t***. No cameltoe (just gaffed). Voice waaaaaay deeper than her father's. Manly features. Manly haircut. Once her (ahem) boyfriends discover what's what, they dump her like a fresh t*** and never speak of her again. Happens every single time. Oh, yeah. That's a man, baby! THAT'S A MAN!

  • OMG. That blasphemy!!! Miley is the greatest!!! And a hot WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Forget about her. She is not worth your time. Get a real woman.

  • F*****' A!!

  • H*** YEAH!!

  • I agree a hundred percent.

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