My friend was born with a cleft palate and just recently had a pretty major surgery to reconstruct her face. Now all the swelling is down and she is so excited about her new face and how beautiful she looks. I think she looks worse than she did before

Feb 8, 2014

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  • Long-distance back pats for keeping it to yourself. It's alright to think that but what she doesn't know won't hurt her in this case. You want her to be happy, so let her be happy with whatever she wants, even if it might not look that good in your eyes.

  • I was also born with a cleft palate and everything that the above individuals have said is absolutely correct. I would support you friend and remember she's your friend not because of looks but her personality!!!!

  • Everyone is always so critical of how they look. Living with a cleft palate, that has to be difficult. That's not like having a zit on your forehead or nose that you can easily cover up. Your friend has every right to be happy and excited about her new face. Her self esteem is probably soaring. And you should support her. The fact that you think she looks worse is terrible for you to say. This isn't elective surgery like a nose job because someone doesn't like their nose. I think you may be a little jealous that maybe more attention will be going to her than to you.

  • This is one of those times that honesty is not the best policy. Keep your opinion to yourself and if she asks tell her she looks great.

  • I think it's because you were used to the way she looked before and to your eyes she probably looked alright, but now that she has the surgery the difference is probably like when a celebrity get plastic surgery, unnecessary and ruining the natural look they had before. Just don't tell her you think that and as time passes the new look will start to seem natural to you.

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