Cheating at Bachelorette Parties?

I am a married female, 28 years old and recently went to a bachelorette party. We had two strippers over to our hotel room and I ended up sucking both of the stripper's d****. Most of the girls had a turn sucking their d**** including the bride to be. She got oral s** from them too. We were all really drunk and swore to keep it a secret. I feel guilty now and was wondering if any ladies have had similar experiences and if they told their husbands or not?

Apr 28, 2014

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  • Don’t feel guilty especially if you enjoyed yourself. If I were you husband, I would have got turned on watching you blow another man

  • I have been a stripper for years. Bachelorette parties are the best. Nothing is sexually thrilling as bedding the bride. Its like hunting and bagging a big buck. A conquest if you will. In my years I have slept with over a dozen brides. I may have even father a few children. 😆

  • Gross cheating behavior. You have no idea where that thing has been, or the STD's it's packing. Your husbands/boy friends deserve better treatment.

    And you kissed other people with that mouth! What would you think about your SO going down on some strange woman, then coming home straight away to you keeping his earlier action secret and planting a big French kiss on you?

    The selfishness related to this conduct is off the charts. Very sad.

  • I am a 25 yr old female and have and I have been to some crazy dirty parties. We have pretty much kept the secrets

  • I've done that at three bachelorette parties, because that was what everyone else did. (At one of the parties, we took turns f****** the dancer, too.) At the others I didn't do anything wild or nasty, because nobody else did. Although at one of those others, I did get the dancer's name and number because I wanted him sooooooooo bad and I told him so outside the room, and we eventually started up an affair that lasted for over one year and my husband never knew nothing. God that man was so hung! Damn!!!

  • Don’t ever tell hubby if he’s the jealous type. I for one would have loved to watch if I were your husband

  • If every one jumped off a 200 ft cliff would have done the same

  • You are a w****.

  • Elorette partiesMy wife has gone t o a few bachelorette parties and done simialar things, it kinda turned me on and made me jelous at the same time.

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