Watching the wife...

I caught my wife f****** her brother's best friend. This happened about ten years ago when we were in college. We had been dating for about a year at the time and I decided to surprise her and visit her at her house one summer night while her parents were away on vacation. I got to her house after dark and noticed the light was on in the backyard. As I approached I could hear the hot tub running and was hoping to catch her nude in the hot tub which she did often when her parent's went away. My wife was butt naked, however she was not alone. Her brother's friend was also naked sitting on the edge of the hot tub with my wife bouncing up and down on his large and very thick d***. I was immediately turned on and decided to watch them f***. My wife at the time was 21 around 5 foot 3 115 pounds with a smoking hot ass and her brother's friend was a very large, muscular black kid who played on the HS football team. My wife rode him for about 5 more minutes before he picked her up and bent her over. He pounded her p**** for a good 15 minutes straight like a jackhammer. He smacked her ass and pulled her hair which she loved. She must have c** at least 4 times from what I could tell and told him how much she loved his big d*** inside of her. I have never heard her moan so loud to this date. When he was ready to c**, he made her get on her knees and swallow his load. I am sure they hooked up again, but I never mentioned it to my wife. To this day I hope I catch her doing it again.

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  • This black guy enjoys f****** white girls and thinks you should for sure tell her casually and let her do the inquiring.Say something like"can you believe I watched you have s** with someone years ago and absolutely loved it"?

  • Tell her that you saw her doing that and that you would like to see it again. Tell her it really turns you on and it she would do this it will take your s** life to an incredibly new level, where she will get to be turned on more than she ever thought possible and get f***** as much as she likes, and you will benefit from her new-found sexuality, getting to f*** her a lot more than you do now.

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