i am afraid i love my lover more than

i am afraid i love my lover more than my husband. my husband is closer to my age and treats me like a queen and we have a beautiful baby together and hes a wonderful father and the most faithful man a girl could ask for. my lover is 20 years older than me and he is sweet to me except he treats me like a w**** and i LOVE it... what is wrong with me? my husband wants to make love to me and pleasure me and my lover wants to ass-f*** me and j*** off on me and degrade me like a w**** and my husband wint do it for me so i dont even consider ending it, in fact i think im falling for the other guy. what the f*** is wrong with me.

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  • ADMIT IT YOU'RE A W****.

  • The problem with you is three-fold: 1) You are a B**** S***!
    2) You love the feel of c** all over your face and t****** and the feeling of being used as someone's w**** toy. 3) you love to be gaped (i.e., to have you a****** bored deeply so that a Mack truck can get in it).

    Hire a shrink.

  • There's nothing wrong with you. Everyone has a little freak in them. But there's an 80 20 rule. Don't leave your husband (80) who loves you and is a great husband and a great father to your child form a guy (20) who is only good for kinky s**. If you start feeling like your falling in love with this other guy, then you should start thinking about backing off for a while and let reality kick in.

  • stupid!if you have some dignity leave your husband and baby!and go with the other idiot than see how much you "LOVE"him,have you ever think that idiot may be fuking some one alse and u get a std and than infect your baby and husband stupid f****** w**** thats what wrong with u b****!your a w****!u dont deserve some one like yuor husband iam sorry for him and your baby!

  • All I have to say to that is WOW. What an Idiot. Oh well. Enjoy it now because when your husband is gone on to hopefully a real woman, you will be still playing toilet to some dirty old man who by then will probably be done with you. Hey doesn't that sound great.

  • You just f***** yourself into a hole dirtier than your p****, you dirtbag. I hope you do like it, because one of these days, your hubbie is going to treat you like that just once, and you'll see how you really like it. He will spit in your face, smack you, kick you out, and change the locks. That's what happened to my dirtbag sister.

  • Shut up, s***. One man per person.

  • You are a b**** s***

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