When I was young, one of my first jobs

When I was young, one of my first jobs was to work at a park as a groundskeeper. I had many jobs such as grooming the baseball diamonds, picking up trash and cleaning restrooms. Well, the ladies restroom was directly below the press box, and in the press box area was an access area to climb in the attic which went right over head of the ladies bathroom stalls. With my testosterone out of control, I got the idea to drill "peak holes" above the bathroom stalls of the ladies restroom. I got to see most of the young women of our little town (many of them whom I was in high school with) naked as they went to the bathroom. I saw it all, many times masterbating overhead as I looked upon all the hottest naked bottoms and p****** of girls I would routinely fantasize about. I would drop serious loads of c** literally 3 feet above their heads as I checked out their a**** and p******. I finally stopped (after I saw all I cared to see). I feel bad about what I did. After a while though, I realized it was rather boring to just look, even though in the beginning it was EXTREMELY erotic for me... It worked for a while, then it was over... this is a true confession... This was 20 years ago....Never done anything like that since....

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  • pervertttt

  • The comment 2 above me, you are sick, this is not hot. Do you think it is sexy to watch girls p***? Imagine the hottest woman you have ever seen, now imagine her pushing out a huge load of stinking s***. Sexy huh?

  • sorry, I had alot to drink the night I wrote this. No, I didn't see their vaginas, but did see lots of bush and ass...

  • Saw their vaginas when looking from above? Heh.. Bullshit. Needs editing but nearly Penthouse Letters material. Hot.

  • Get a LIFE, D*******. PEACE OUT...

  • whats wrong you fat degenerate m************ peace of s*** you too afraid to get yo ass WHOOOPED b****
    ***be real b*********

  • 26 , u dumass peace of s*** c********** m*********** and u couldnt hvae f***** my "mama" cuz she died of cancer while being beaten by her alcoholic husband you stupid dumass h*** peace of s*** and i will WHOOOP yo ass all night and day and after im done beaten u im guna go f*** yo mama all motha f****** night long b****.
    ***be real b*********

  • well, I also did your mama!! Punk! What, you like 12 or something? Get lost loser....

  • how old are you,you f***** c********** peace of s*** son of a b****
    ***be real b*********

  • its to tell f*** like yourself to be real and stop doin what the f*** your doin.and im a man unlike you b****
    ***be real b*********

  • whats with the **be real b******** s***? Is that your name? Are you a man or a woman?

  • u wana go bitchass perve c*********
    ***be real b*********

  • bring it on you dumb F***

  • you sick c*** sucking mother f*****.i thot i knew what pathetic meant but i was wrong as f***, i dont give a f****** s*** if it was 20 years ago or not your old ass cant get noo p**** so you gota do that s***,DAMN,SICKFUCK,and i thot bush was sick when he f***** his mother.im guna find u and WHOOP yo ass
    ***be real b*********

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