Caught nude

I used to take showers ahead of the crowd during PE period. Found two of friends that had sneaked into the dorm with three girls. Felt a little embarrassed about wearing a bathrobe with nothing under it and ran like h*** when the threatened to take it off. Found myself being chased around double bed bunks and getting a an erection for the thought of getting stripped in front of them. "Let's strip him" as they ran after me with giggling girls behind them. Ended up pinned on a lower bunk, bathrobe ripped open stark naked with two girls laying across my chest looking at my stuck up d***. Don't know witch one had her fingers around my d*** because of the boys sitting on me. As far as I could see, one was doing the touching, the second waiting for her turn and the third standing near by watching. "Nice d***" as I hopelessly laid flush with embarrassment as they hand jobbed me. Remember think I had gotten stripped and no used struggling. Just laid there waiting for them to finish having their fun. It was just a few minutes of humiliation and never spoke a word about. Decide it was to embarrassing to tell, but knew eventually every girl and boy in school got field in with all the details. Felt like everyone was stripping me with their eyes, while pretending I didn't know anything about. I was 15 and still have flash backs about.

Oct 1, 2014

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  • My wife walked out totally naked out of the shower not knowing that Karen and Robert were sitting in our livingroom. I remember Robert's eyes wide open looking at her and Karen telling him "don't look" she exposed every bit of herself and could do nothing else but to race passed the into our bedroom. She looked visibly humiliated when she returned dressed to the livingroom. After it happed it was hard not to joke about it trying to play it down. What turned my wife's face bright red was Robert making the comment about my wife's cute p****. I know my wife is bit of and exhibitionist and knew that secretly she had enjoyed it. We had s** after they left and had never seen her p**** so wet. She got so p***** off when I told her Robert most be jerking off thinking of you.

  • I call bs

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