I cheat on my husband

I have been cheating on my husband for 2 months now. The hubby is eager in bed but his d*** is small. Some of us at work were talking about s** and I mentioned that I would like a big d*** in my p**** sometime. One of the guys (I have worked with him for 8 years) said that he would help me out. We all laughed cause we thought he was joking. Then after work he said, "So what do you think?" I asked what he meant. He said, "You wanna come over tonight?" I just thought what the h***. Well, he wasn't lieing. So I have been "working late" ever night I work. I've been f****** him 5 nights a week for the past 2 months.

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  • I understand what you did and why you did it but god. You could have talked to your husband first to see how he felt. Most people are understanding. A lot of husbands are ok with their wives sleeping with men that can satisfy them more but you could of at least tried to talk to him instead of just deliberately cheating

  • That's awesome! You should 69 with your husband when you get home!!

  • Selfish

  • I honestly hope your hubby catches you, takes a pic, files for divorce and gets you on adultery charges

  • Me being a married man and I have been in the same spot with my wife. I not knowing she was having an s** with some one else. When I found out I was hurt but when she told me why it took some time but I under stood that she had needs. Even though I love her very much but I allow her to have the s** she needs with other men. I still wished I could giver her what she needs but I can not. So I accept her as she is, and love her just the same.

  • Good for you, but be careful with overdoing the working late bit. Your hubby will get suspicious soon.

  • So what will you do when hubby finds out? He will eventually. Will you just move in with your coworker since the s** is so great?

  • He almost did catch us. I was on my knees on the couch looking out the window. My buddy was behind me f****** me when my husbands car pulled in the driveway.

  • So do you think it is the big di ck or is it just the excitement of the illicit s** that makes the s** so good?

  • I just love that you went out and got what you needed and wanted. Some might say you don't love your husband but I don't see this as the case. Us guys need to know that we need to be able to please our wives or understand that they will find satisfaction elsewhere. Shawnnyc87 at aim dot com.

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