i'm a 14 year old girl and the only

i'm a 14 year old girl and the only thing i want to do is act. my state has no good opportunities for me. i KNOW this is what i am supposed to do, it is my biggest dream and i have wanted it for so long. i love the life style. but sometimes i feel like it is too late for me. all the great actresses and actors i know of started when they were 3 or 4 years old. i try to explain it to my parents but they don't accept it and don't believe in me. i want this SO bad. but i know it will be hard when i know my parents won't help me along the way. and another thing, i have no idea where to start. i would kill for this. is there any hope for me? any advice?

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Please do not give up on your dream. I am 36 years old and didn't follow my dream of being an actor. I will take some acting classes soon anyway. For me the journey is more important than the destination though. Don't talk yourself out of being successful. Nicole Kidman used to visualise herself being a successful actress every night before going to sleep. Do that too. Believe in yourself. Spend your life doing what you love. You can do it. Absolutely!!!

  • Yes there's hope! You're NOT to old! no way!
    Maybe your parents don't believe in you because they didn't see your work? Most schools or towns have a dramagroup or something like that. Join them (or if there's none, start one). If your school has none, you can look them up on the internet or town brochure (ask in the cityhall, ask anyone).
    There you can learn to act there the next few years and by the time you'll have your diploma your parents will have seen your work and maybe your dramagroup director will recommend you to a theatreschool.
    Cool and good for you to know what you want at such a young age. Hold on to that and don't let anyone tell you anything different! Good luck!

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