My neighbour

When I come home from work it is generally late in the night.I have a family of four living opposite to my apartment.their daughter sangeeta also works at a 5 star hotel and wears their traditional blue and maroon saree.she normally is in early,but that day i was early and was relaxing in my balcony facing her bedroom.the lights were off all around as usual when her bedroom lights came on.she had just come in from work and looked gorgeous in her saree.Without any hesitation she stripped off her saree and stood in her blouse and skirt.she looked at herself in the mirror and combed her hair thoroughly,all the time admiring herself and pouting and making cute faces at herself.she walked to the window and looked out.I don't know what she was trying to see but she waited for a few minutes by the window and then walked to her radio and put on some music.she started dancing to the music and gradually removed her blouse and then slipped out of her skirt.she wore a black lace bra with a maroon silk panties.oh god she looked stunning.she moved in front of the mirror and juggled her b****** and jumped up and down to see how they moved she swayed from side to side and watched her breast move.she kept pressing them together and letting them fall.she removed her bra and panties and danced nude.i was too shocked to see all this.i removed my shorts and started masturbating right there.i did not care who was watching me as long as she was there and i was there.i moved closer to the railing and wished she could see me.she lay on the bed and fingered herself to an o***** and i came as well.the next day i found a cd of me masturbating with my name on it and a small note that said it was from her.some how she had known i was there and had recorded me.till now she uses that against me to get me to f*** her.

Dec 7, 2014

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  • Ok... No one is going to call this one? I will then ! BullShit!!!

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