I have a problem where I get intensely aroused by being humiliated/shamed/insulted during s**. In fact if it doesn't happen I'm left feeling almost unfulfilled. I was always sort of drawn to it but didn't know how much I enjoyed it until it actually happened. The problem is of course the men who have done this to me don't really find it relationship building. In fact I know they just f*** me because they know they can treat me like a s*** and that I enjoy it, but they don't want to bring that person home to Momma, so to speak. Another fine mess...

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  • I know exactly how you feel. I have the exact same desires but i find men who are willing to fulfill those desires are only in it for the s**. It's sad because I'm a pretty awesome person outside of my sexual desires, as I'm sure you are too! <3

  • Hi babe, I love this as well. Some time ago my husband came home a little drunk, which is rare, o was just in my nighty, he came in just grabbed me and ripped it off, forced me to my knees and stuck his c*** in my mouth telling me o was a fat s***, he then bent me over the dinning stuck his fat c*** up my p**** and f***** me hard, bit my t*** and made me tell him how many men id f*****. It not many but I told him 50, he hot harder and really f***** me, pulling out spraying me with his c**

    The next morning he couldn't remember but my t*** were covered in love bits and I told him what had happened and that I loved it, he now f**** me roughly all the time

  • You will eventually find the right guy. I love my wife and married her knowing she loved to be dirty in the bedroom. Loves to be shamed, told what a s*** or w**** she is.. begs and tells me :she loves being my s***"

    I can do anything, anytime I want with her, yet still respect her outside of that time. Once you find the right one it will be great times.

  • I personally would love to marry a submissive girl like you

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