I want to get a tattoo of a willow

I want to get a tattoo of a willow tree, with roots curling around my hips,
trunk going up my spine, and leaves going from my neck down my back and shoulders.

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  • Who the f*** cares what it looks like when your 80 that's retarded logic just don't cheap out

  • Tattoos can end up horrific. What if yours does too? Imagine what it'll look like when you're 80 or what'll happen if you decide you don't want it anymore after that.

  • It could be awesome, or a horrible nightmare that you'll have to have covered up later. I've seen some horrific tattoos/.

  • no, my girlfriend said she'd draw it for me, she's an incredible artist.
    what i really wanted to know, is if it sounded, like it'd look weird or if it'd look original and interesting.

  • As I can see it. It is a sort of a confession if that idea has been banned by a parent or something like that. My wife had to secretly get a tattoo as it was a taboo in her household. She had it for 6 or 7 years before her mother found out about it. Even her brothers didn't know (and seemed impressed to me) about it. Neither of them have one. Its a simple picture of a scottish thistle plant in a small circle, about 3 inches wide. She got it for personal reasons and her relationship she had with her grandfather. A kind of tribute.

    But it sounds like your tattoo would be pretty expensive and painful. Do you have a drawn design yet?

  • You know what? In a way I have to kind of agree, with both of you, and I thought the very same thing. The problem I have is not say with the confession, but read it and it sounds like the confession is geared towards a desired reaction, like "omg that tattoo would be hawt!" I do have to agree it is better than the incest crap.


  • The second poster kinda makes sense. I mean it may not be your normal confession but at least she's not trying to sleep with her brother or masterbating to her parents having s**.

  • ^ Jeez, why so judgemental? The person has a desire for something, sounds fairly harmless compared to some of the other stuff on here, if posting it makes them feel better what's the deal.

  • I want to get a tattoo of you shutting the h*** up! What the h*** kind of stupid confession is this anyway?


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