I think I heard my parents having s**

I think I heard my parents having s** and for some reason started to m********* to the sound

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  • ok. you're 20? grow up and get over it. MOVE OUT IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT

  • but like i said i go out to my friends houses till like 2 in the morning, they can't do it then and when i'm home not do it.

  • grandpa?

  • Well, you've developed a little kink.

    They have every right to have s**, just as much as you do when you own your own place. Its a little tasteless that they do it and that you hear it, but just turn the TV up more.

  • yeah but now i try to see if i can hear them doing it


  • I heard them way more then once

  • Just once? No worries. It happened without introspection, but now it just feels weird.

  • eeewwwwwww. . .

  • anyone?

  • hello?

  • Why would 2 people have s** when their 20 year old son is in the next room

  • Do you know how sick it is trying to sleep but all you hear is your parents bed shaking back and forth

  • I don't think they should have s** anytime i'm home becuase are rooms are next to each other

  • when i'm not home is what i meant to type

  • Grim, you are stupid, f***** up, retarded, molested m***********!!!

  • yeah but i couldn't have s** when their home and i think they should do it when i'm home because are rooms are next to each other

  • It was their house before it was yours. Just ignore them, they're grown-ups. Once you start having s** there you'll want them to respect their privacy as well.

  • I mean why would you do it when your sound and his friend are watching TV in the house

  • but how can i get them to stop doing it when i'm home cuz i heard them doing it a couple of times i think but i know for sure they where doing it that time i was in the basement and i heard the bed shaking

  • but its a good thing that my friend had the tv on loud otherwise he would have heard them to

  • i know i wouldn't do it again

  • The fact that two people were having s** probably attracted you, as well as the fact that the two people were your parents, which takes it into taboo territory. Once is not unusual, but don't make this a habit. Find a more appropriate outlet for your sexuality.

  • this is real and messed up but i did it and i heard them and i don't know why i did it

  • Sure dumbass, whatever you say.


  • i'm not lying

  • I think you're lying, same damn stupid incest posters like always, you're an idiot, no kidding!


  • well i mean i pretty much at this point know they where have s** but for some reason i kept trying to listen to it and then when i put my ear to the wall i heard my dad breathing heavy go oh oh oh oh oh

  • Umm, got mixed feelings on THAT one. If it were someone else besides your own parents, it might be better. I stayed with some friends once, they thought I'd fallen asleep on the couch so they started up on the floor right practically next to me. I didn't know what to do so I stayed still and pretended to be sleeping. It was pretty frustrating!

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